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You may have noticed our publication sometimes reviews movies that aren't playing at the Hollywood Spotlight, Norman's only commercial venue for new releases. Films like "Capote," "Good Night, and Good Luck" and "Pride and Prejudice" failed to open in Norman although theaters in the metro did/do carry them. Why?

To find out, I called Spotlight manager Jim Buckelew. He cited Wallace Theater policy as grounds for not commenting but did direct me to an office in Portland, Ore.

Clyde Cornell, senior vice president of operations for Wallace Theaters, was able to comment and explained a bit of movie industry business.

Cornell said neither Buckelew nor anyone else at our local Spotlight determines which films play and which don't. All the local outlets can do is make recommendations, but ultimately it's up to the distribution companies (Miramax, New Line, Paramount etc.) to decide whether their film shows at a certain venue.

According to www.wallacetheaters.com, films like the aforementioned didn't play in any of the company's Oklahoma affiliates.

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