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Chindogu Gallery, 8915 N. Western Ave. (inside Size Records), will host a custom munny show 8-11 p.m. Saturday. A "munny" is a do-it-yourself toy from Kid Robot. The seven-inch, white vinyl dolls have been painted and customized by local and regional artists.

Oklahoma artists include Tony R., Denise Duong, Chad Mount, Steven Schmidt, Josh Reynolds, Jon Hart, Christi Coleman, Rawb Carter, Matt Goad, Jeff Sparks, George Salisbury, Josh Heilaman, Juan Porras and Fernando Casillas.

Coleman and Carter were kind enough to share some perspectives on the hobby.

pop: What makes customizing a munny fun?

RC: There are so many directions that you can go. You can just let your imagination run wild. Toys are just fun. The form lends itself to a whimsical interpretation.

CC: Customizing anything is fun. Munnys are already a pretty interesting design, so it's like figuring out a puzzle. [It's] a way to take something someone else has done and make it yours. Like a really good cover song.

pop: Tell me all about your munny in particular.

RC: Since the basic design is soooo cute, I wanted to take it the opposite direction. So I made it a mix of disgusting and cute. When you contrast opposites against each other, it makes an interesting piece. People are compelled to look, like rubber-necking at a car wreck.

CC: I kept coming up with all these really grand ideas, but what I like about the new genre of vinyl toys is the simplicity of the design. They usually convey a lot with clean design and a minimal paint job. So I had to kinda rein myself in and figure out that I would be happier with a more simple design. The kind of less-is-more theory.

Texas artists like Jermaine Rogers and New Mexico artists like Jason Cross will add regional talent along with others from their respective states. About 30 artists total will present their creations.

For more information, call Size Records at 607-4805 or visit chindogugallery.com or http:??kidrobot.com?munny.

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