The Silos

Come On Like The Fast Lane

Bloodshot Records

Named after hayseed skyscrapers (Kansas State University aka Silo Tech) this dusty rock trio is from New York City. The Silos have been together since Pluto was a pup, releasing four studio albums over two decades. Sadly, the recognition level they deserve has never been achieved. This record may slam the brakes on that long skid. Come On shows off their genuine ability to master a variety of sounds.

Mildly psychedelic guitar, country al? the Byrds and big city folk music combine for a superbly complex set of flavors. Their rocking rocker "Out of Our Way" would remind you of the Figgs, another long in the tooth Atlantic corridor combo who should be more widely heard. The Silos' lyrics have an elegant, albeit gritty, quality that's profoundly beautiful. Their words are simple yet poetic. "We know something about carrying on/ We know something about getting along," Walter Salas-Humara sings in a salty baritone which explains in great part their successful longevity.

Up-tempo tracks are perfectly interspersed with ballads and the occasional near-twang stomper. As musicians, just like farm silos, they're outstanding in the field. Side projects include The Vulgar Boatmen and The Setters, with Alejandro Escovedo and Mike Hall.

Steve Earle is on their liner-notes' thank-you list. "Come On Like The Fast Lane" drops Feb. 20. They'll be touring in support of it thereafter, including performances at SXSW.

-- Doug Hill

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