OK, I didn't hear from anyone by Feb. 1 on the photo contest that ran in the Dec. 26 issue. Still, just in case there is someone out there with a burning need to know, going from the top of page five in that issue to the bottom of page six, left to right, by month of 2008 each could have run, here goes:

1. February. 2. March. 3. August. 4. July. 5. January. 6. September. 7. May. 8. October. 9. December. 10. November. 11. June. 12. April.

If you did send a guess, our e-mail's had a hiccup or two these last few weeks. Sorry if it didn't get through. If not, no hard feelings. Believe me, given the state of economy, I understand you have a lot more to do with your time than wrestle with name-the-month photo contests for no prize of any tangible value.

I'd also like to take a moment to suggest to all my readers, regardless of political affiliation or other distinctions, to get out there and make some happy memories during this presidential honeymoon period if they can.

I'm not saying run yourself into the ground financially to have a good time. Being frugal is fine, great in fact. But spend a buck on fun here or there if you have it to spend. Waiting for better economic times to have any fun at all might mean a very long wait.

Adam Scott



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