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Paul Reddick is a Canadian blues artist (vocals/ harmonica) who's often nominated for prestigious home turf music awards. It's a mystery why he doesn't have a Juno on the shelf after 17 years of recording, plus performances with his band The Sidemen. You've heard Reddick's music in four feature films, four television series (including Dawson's Creek) and Coca Cola's commercial, sipping "I'm A Criminal." His newest is more than just paying dues. Revue's 18 tracks are like laying down cash for a midnight blue, ultra-pussy'63 El Dorado convertible. It's a fat, full and fine recording from the core guitar band surrounded by trumpet, trombone, saxophone, sousaphone and congas.

"Queen's Hotel" is a blue jazz hybrid boasting room with exciting sound. Reddick's blues harp is down and dirty throughout. "Waitin'" is the tired of waiting on you baby blues. His vocals recall Mike Hosty's Cleveland County drawl with remarkably similar intonations. Maybe that's the best compliment for an alien artist whose genre was born in Dixie. Reddick sounds like an Okie with red dirt deep in his pipes. Revue's review is that his next nomination may be for a Grammy.

-- Doug Hill

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