A performance by singer/songwriter/percussionist Christopher Williams 7 p.m. Sunday was listed incorrectly in Friday's pop as free. The event, which will be the first in a new Winter Wind Concert Series presented by Performing Arts Studio, actually costs $10 to attend.

PAS will offer six intimate concerts for the Winter Wind series, with audiences limited to 100, in Norman's Santa Fe Depot, 200 South Jones Ave. Concerts are scheduled once each month, October through April. Tickets are $10 for each individual concert or $50 for a season ticket.

For more information, call 307-9320.

Graffiti can be a powerful weapon

Sooner Theatre is proud to present "Bomb the System," the first feature in over 20 years to delve into the world of graffiti art. The film, shot entirely on the streets of New York City, is the feature debut of 23-year-old writer/director Adam Bhala Lough.

Mark Webber ("People I Know," "Storytelling," "The Laramie Project") leads a talented young ensemble cast as Blest, a 19-year-old graffiti writer fresh out of high school with no ambition for the future.

New York City is Blest's playground. He spends his days stealing spray paint from local hardware stores and his nights getting high and "bombing" the streets with his graffiti crew. He is the most wanted writer on the NYPD Vandal Squad's hit list, and, at the same time, is attracting attention from the local gallery scene.

But things quickly turn ugly when 15-year-old Lune, the youngest member of Blest's crew, is arrested and brutalized by the NYPD. The crew retaliates by waging an all out "graffiti war" against the city: a war that ends up costing more than one life in the end.

"Bomb the System" is a true New York story, a cinematic poem dedicated to the art of graffiti, and to the city where it all began more than two decades ago.

"Bomb the System" will show 2 and 6 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door. Doors open one hour before show time. Sooner Theatre is located at 101 E. Main St. Call 321-9600 or visit for more information.

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