Y ou're not going to like that," my 17-year-old daughter told me as I plugged in 1998's "SLC Punk!" I thought she might be right. She had seen the movie and liked it very much, but it did seem like the tale of two punk rockers wasn't going to be very entertaining for someone pushing 50.

We were both wrong. Not only did I like "SLC Punk!" I wound up relating to it much more than I thought I would. Although there is quite a bit of profanity and lots of drug usage, underneath it all "SLC Punk!" is really a touching little movie about growing up and figuring out what you're going to do with your life. It's a transition we all have to make -- even Stevo.

Stevo (Matthew Lillard) is a rare breed -- a punk rocker living in Salt Lake City in 1985. It is, as he notes, "no easy task." Stevo wasn't always a punk. He used to be a cute little nerd who listened to John Denver until the day his best friend, Bob (Michael Goorjian), turned up with new music. It was punk, the music of rebellion and anarchy. Stevo was instantly hooked. He's been a punk ever since.

Although he claims to be a true punk and not a "poseur" (someone who's only into it for the fashion), there's no doubt Stevo's up with the look and attitude.

His hair is blue, it looks like he found his clothes in the trash and he hates anything relating to the establishment. He spends his days in a drug-riddled haze and his nights partying. There's no reason to think about the future because there isn't going to be one. Every good anarchist knows the world's going to end any day now.

Although Stevo's rich, lawyer dad (Christopher McDonald), a former hippie, is tolerant of this "rebellion," he still hopes Stevo will change and go to Harvard like he did ("You can rebel there," he pleads). But if Stevo goes to Harvard, he'd just be selling out like his old man, and punks don't sell out. He can't party away the rest of his life, though. What's an aging punk to do?

While the plot of "SLC Punk!" is a bit slim, director and screenwriter James Merendino keeps us interested with his entertaining script, vivid characters and creative use of flashbacks and narration. Matthew Lillard, who usually plays bad guys, is terrific as Stevo, a guy you'd love to hate but just can't. Loved the scene where he chews out his parents. By the way, Lillard's hair was supposed be blond, but the bleach messed up his hair so bad it had to be covered up with blue dye.

Michael Goorjian is great as Bob and Devon Sawa makes a lasting impression as the acid-riddled Sean, who sports a fabulous green-spiked hairdo. While "SLC Punk!" does lament Utah's conservative values (including a hilarious bit on the state's 3.2 beer policy), the Mormon religion itself is never made fun of. Although our more sensitive viewers may wish to steer clear of the R-rated "SLC Punk!" those looking for a wild ride about making the transition to adulthood will have a great time. You can find "SLC Punk!" at Hollywood Video. Check it out!

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