S ummer Breeze, makes me feel fine?" I was humming the Type-O Negative version (not Seals -- Croft's original) Sunday as I rode my Bicycle from home to Lions Park. Modern folk troubadour Ellis Paul's two-hour set was almost over, but the place was still packed. There were almost as many people as June bugs.

As I cruised the sidewalk and trolled for a favorable view, I saw teenagers playing hackysack, mothers and fathers loungin as their children ran wild or danced. It was Anytown, U.S.A., alright, and it really did make me feel fine. Eventually, I ran into some friends and we sat together as the guitar man's hushed set came to a close with the sun.

Afterwards, we hit The Library and Malone's, the two being about as different as one could hope for within the stretch of a few city blocks. Malone's uses their flat screens not only for the viewing pleasure of sports fans, but also as an outlet for the DJ (VJ?) to spin classic moments from popular DVDs. It's a nice break from commercials or the latest Britney Spears remix.

On a different note: I like bowling. I have my own ball, shoes, a bag to hold it all and even a grip (you know, with theVelcro and steel beam to keep my wrist straight). Monday, an impromptu bowling team was formed for the night and we went to 66 Bowl in Oklahoma City.

I had never been to 66 Bowl, but I knew it was off historic Route 66 and every now and then they host rockabilly, punk and ska bands ? perfect bowling music. But I must say this: 66 Bowl is the second ugliest bowling alley I've ever been in, the first being in Elk City. If you're from Elk City or have a high regard for their lanes, don't take offense. Topping 66 Bowl's decor on the tacky side is a feat to be proud of, nay, boast.

If you don't have plans tonight, go see The iLLs at The Deli, Ester Drang at Opolis or Lonnie Motlow at Kongos. I'm going bowling.

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