Do you have an affinity for yarn that can be woven into interesting patterns? Do you fancy yourself a Jedi in a future life? Do you cast spells from Harry Potter and feel like a squib when they don’t work? Have you dreamt of having fat, hairy hobbit feet? Then “Knitting for Nerds” by Joan of Dark (aka Toni Car) is the book for you.

The book offers 30 knitting patterns ranging from hobbit feet socks to ‘Big Bang Theory’ sweater vests to strangely creepy Princess Leia stocking cap. All patterns are ranked from intermediate to advance levels with quirky gloves, scarves and sweaters, based on all the best fandoms out there.

Need a Star Trek Next Generation uniform for Comicon? There’s a pattern for that. Want to be a Browncoat? There’s a great Firefly pattern in there, along with Jane’s hat in sock form.

There’s even a Neil Gaiman section. You can make Mr. Nancy’s gloves or hat from ‘American Gods.’ Also, while you enjoy all the cheesy photography showing off the knitted patterns, you should admire the background scenery. Majority of these photos were taken at Gaiman’s farm house.

Be warned, some of the patterns are a lot harder then they are marked. Some should be expert, not advanced, and advanced, not intermediate. So carefully study the pattern and the technique before investing time and money into it to make sure you’re up to that level.

The book is neatly divided into genres, the instructions are very clear and precise, and all the yarn is readily available at local yarn stores. The color and textures aren’t extreme (except maybe Princess Leia or the cute robot that you have to stuff and knit at the same time) so no pattern will make you want to scream, swear off knitting and take up coloring books instead.

For those knitters who love math, there are even a few patterns that indulge the inner mathlete. For trivia lovers, almost every pattern has a trivia question or fact at the bottom to enlighten your experience. For Doctor Who fans, there are patterns you can knit while watching a Who marathon. And for those knitters who tire of knitting clothing, Hermione Granger’s beaded bag is an option and so is a laptop case that morphs into a chessboard whenever the fancy strikes.

“Knitting for Nerds” has it all. There’s something for every nerd, in every aspect. And for $16.99, this book is well worth the geeky indulgence.

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