A basketball-sized piece of concrete fell onto the concourse during the start of the third quarter of the OU-UTEP football game, narrowly missing fans as it fell over 20 feet.

Renee Estes was walking by the women's restroom with her son by Section 229 and was stunned when the large piece broke from above and crashed to the ground. 

She said a piece of debris did hit her leg, though she was unharmed and thankful no one took a direct hit from the falling chunk of concrete.

"It hit me in the leg, but it just scared me a little. It was a big chunk,” Estes said. “My thing was what if my son was walking right there? Two seconds later it would've hit him. It was like a basketball."

The debris fell from an older part of the stadium beneath the east side upper deck, not the new addition that was completed prior to the start of the 2016-2017 season.

A Transcript reporter was an eye witness to the event, as well.

According to OU spokesperson Rowdy Gilbert, the OU Facilities Management is aware of the situation and is evaluating the cause, as well as working to make necessary repairs.

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