OU economics prof. Nedelsecu to speak at Democratic luncheon

Dr. Daniel Nedelsecu, University of Oklahoma economics professor, will speak on behavioral economics at the Democratic Tyner Cornbread and Beans lunch at noon Friday at the West Wind Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1309 W. Boyd St. in Norman. Optional cafeteria-style meal will start at 11:30 a.m. Overflow parking is available two doors east on the north end of the church parking lot on Berry Road and Boyd Street.

Nedelescu has a bachelor's degree in economics from his home country, Romania. After working a few years in industry, he went for a master's degree in economics at Central Michigan University. He received full financial aid for a Ph.D. program at McGill University in Canada and Purdue University. He chose Purdue University, based on the research interests of the faculties.

At Purdue University, he worked with Dr. Tim Cason, a prominent professor in experimental economics (former president of experimental economics international association -- ESA, and former editor of the top experimental economic journal Experimental Economics). Cason continued the tradition started at Purdue University by Dr. Vernon Smith, who shared the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002 with Dr. Daniel Hahnemann for contributions in experimental and behavioral economics.

After his graduation in 2013, Nedelscu received an offer to teach at the University of Oklahoma. Here, he taught a variety of courses from entry level (principle of microeconomics) to Ph.D. level (Microeconomics 1). In 2016, for the first time at OU, he introduced a class of behavioral and experimental economics.

In his research, he used an experimental approach to study how behavioral factors such as risk aversion, or inequality aversion, might change the theoretical prediction of the standard economic models.