William Adams

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William Adams' mugshot.

A man’s request to withdraw his guilty plea was rejected by a Cleveland County judge this week.

Cleveland County judge Thad Balkman rejected the request by William Ray Adams on Monday. Adams pleaded guilty to four felony counts, including attempted kidnapping and assault and battery with a deadly weapon, on Jan 8.

Adams, 55, was arrested in January 2018 after an incident at Bergey Windpower Co., his wife Lisa’s place of work.

Court records show Adams entered the workplace and attempted to forcibly remove his wife by grabbing her arm. Colette Wind, Lisa’s coworker, intervened and grabbed Lisa’s other arm, resulting in a tug of war.

Adams shot Wind in the right arm and sustained severe injuries, court records show.

Another employee, Tod Hanley, was able to get the gun away from Adams after he shot Wind. Hanley shot Adams in the neck and kept him on the ground until police arrived, according to court records.

Balkman sentenced Adams to 30 years in prison on June 24. 

According to court records, Adams argued Monday that his guilty plea should be withdrawn due to medication he is taking that affects his decision making. He also argued that he was innocent of the charges because Wind’s intervention caused the gun to discharge.

Balkman ruled that Adams’ plea was knowingly and voluntarily given. Balkman pointed to Adams’ own signature on court documents, indicating that it was clear that Adams was aware and advised of his rights before pleading guilty.

According to reporting by the Associated Press, Adam’s attorney, Michael Amend, said the ruling will be appealed.

Transcript Reporter Mindy Ragan Wood contributed to this article.

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