New ward boundaries 2022

Pictured is a map of the new ward boundaries based on a committee’s review of U.S. Census Bureau data and new precinct lines.

A scheduled public hearing on new ward boundaries hosted by the Reapportionment Ad Hoc Committee has been canceled after the city clerk said the agenda was incorrect.

The meeting was to be held Tuesday at 5:30 at City Hall, but City Clerk Brenda Hall said the meeting was supposed to be a city council meeting related to the committee’s proposed boundaries, she said Tuesday morning.

“I confused that in my mind thinking it was the Reapportionment Commission’s public hearing and therefore did not post an agenda for City Council,” Hall said in an email to The Transcript. “As a result, we will have to cancel tonight’s meeting and reschedule the public hearing for next week. It will appear on Council’s regular agenda for August 9.”

The council will hold a regular meeting next Tuesday to include the public hearing on ward boundaries.

Hall said a public notice would be published in the Transcript Aug. 11, followed by the first reading of an ordinance on Aug. 23, a second reading and possible adoption on September 13, if the council makes no other recommendations on the maps.

If the council adopts the new maps, boundaries would go into effect by October 13, Hall said.

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