Alligator Sighting

This image was posted by Jackie Dawson on Facebook July 23 claiming an alligator was in Lake Thunderbird, but lake officials say this is so far just a rumor.

Officials aren't sure if an image posted to Facebook this week of an alligator in Lake Thunderbird is real.

Facebook user Jackie Dawson shared an image that she said her niece took of an alligator in Lake Thunderbird.

Keith Thomas, Fisheries Biologist for Lake Thunderbird said there is nothing official on the supposed sighting right now, but the game warden and state park officials are looking into it.

“It’s just all a big rumor right now, but it’s possible,” Thomas said.

He said alligators have been seen in Oklahoma lakes in the summer, but they are mostly babies. Typically, he said there is a remnant population in the southern and southeastern parts of the state, but they don’t survive the winter months.

Zachery Paulk, Cleveland County Game Warden said without further information it’s difficult to know.

“I’ve seen the message that was posted, but without knowing where that was at and not knowing anything else about it there’s not a whole lot for me to do,” Paulk said.

Paulk said he is continuing to look into this sighting. He said he is out on the lake a lot and hasn’t seen anything, so as far as he’s concerned it’s a rumor.

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