Once again, members of the the state’s delegation to Congress have voted against having any sort of formal inquiry into the Jan. 6 storming and vandalizing of the nation's Capitol.

This behavior is not driven by what such an inquiry might yet find out. Instead, it is driven by what is already well known — i.e., the leader of their party, a sitting president, called for and invited a mob to invade the halls of Congress to overturn an election. He even boasted that he would join them. A sitting president asked that an insurrection take place, which is as close to treason as any president can get.

It is clear that members of our Congressional delegation, as a group, place loyalty to party before loyalty to country. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Richard Wells


To Congressman Cole: I see you voted this week not to have a committee to investigate the terrorist attack of Jan. 6. And you voted against removing the statues of the Confederate traitors from the Capitol, too.

Couple this with your vote against confirming the electoral votes, I have one question for you: When are you going to stand up for America and not traitors, terrorists and a want-to-be dictator?

John Flynn


I know the Transcript cannot parrot my ideas and ideals, I understand how other readers have an interest unlike mine and they, too, like to be informed.

For that reason, I seldom complain that columnists like Byron York are included, because he certainly is not included for my benefit. I read enough of his columns to know he has nothing that speaks to me — I usually read nothing from him or the "Washington Examiner." I simply dismiss them as non-serious.

His column, however, which was carried in the June 30, 2021 "The Norman Transcript" should have been omitted. I expect little of Mr. York and am seldom disappointed, but he has sunk to a new low when he attempts to diminish the Jan. 6 insurrection.

He cleverly quotes FBI Director Wray and then, as if there is an implied "therefore," suggests agreement with the line of thinking of that brain trust congressman who declared it was just like tourists. The GOP can deny there was a bloody insurrection on that day all they want — the fact remains we all watched it in real time.

Some of the very congressmen and senators who were running for their lives now claim it did not happen. We should not publish anything that diminishes that truth, even if it comes from one of our officials seeking re-election, or even if it comes from such a hallowed paper as the "Washington Examiner."

Hershel Franklin



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