Franklin Baptist Church will celebrate 110 years of ministry Sunday.

Former pastors Dr. Dexter Blevins, Dr. Larry Baker, Ron Goode and Jay McAlister will be present at the 10:50 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. services. A luncheon is scheduled for noon at the church.

Current pastor Dr. Fred Hambrick has pastored the church for 16 years.

"I realize there's a lot of history there," he said.

Hambrick said the church was organized at the Center Point School in northeastern Cleveland County Aug. 18, 1898. It originally was called the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

He said in May 1904, the church moved to the Franklin Community and changed the name to First Missionary Baptist Church. On Sept. 21, 1930, the church was named Franklin Baptist Church and affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Union Baptist Association. Franklin Baptist is one of the oldest churches in Cleveland County.

Hambrick was previously president of American Christian College and Seminary in Oklahoma City.

He said he retired from the seminary and took on the pastoral responsibilities of the church.

"We've been up and down and we're sort of waiting for the city of Norman to grow out our way," Hambrick said.

He described the church located near the intersection of 72nd Avenue and East Franklin Road as a "Bible-vocational ministry church."

"We're in hopes that the housing market will come out that way," Hambrick said.

He said the church has been re-modeled and repaired under the leadership of trustee Don Carpenter. Central heat and air was added and Johnny Maggard constructed a porch and ramp.

Hambrick said Mike Meiser built the landscape. In 1992, Mac Teague donated a sign to the church. The newest building is named for one of the patriarchs of the church, Gilbert Daniel and his wife, Marie.

About 40 people attend services each week, Hambrick said.

All former members and pastors are invited to Sunday's celebration.

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