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The days of a tie for Ted and slippers for Aunt Susie are being replaced with an array of gear and gadgets. Whether buying for a six-year-old, 26-year-old or 66-year-old, electronics are the name of the game this year. Once the domain of the tech-savvy, high-tech gifts are going mainstream.

According to a recent Digital Life in America survey from Ziff Davis Media, there has been an overall increase in consumer electronics interest with 16 percent of Americans planning to buy a digital camera and 9 percent planning to buy an MP3 player before the end of 2005. That equates to millions of electronic devices.

Advances in technology have made items such as digital cameras, video game consoles, MP3 players and digital video recorders available in a wide range of prices to fit almost any budget. Since almost everyone has embraced this new age of technology, it is easy to make useful and fun high-tech electronics the perfect gift.

Digital cameras are easy to use and perfect for almost any age. Younger children still like video game consoles and players, with wireless controllers becoming the rage in the newest game consoles. In addition, preteens, teens and many adults desire MP3 players.

How to power these battery hungry high-tech devices is a question on many people's minds. Battery manufacturers like Energizer have been focused on this challenge for years and have claimed to have answered the call with lithium AA and AAA batteries.

The company says they're used widely by professional photographers, while the mainstream now is discovering them as well. Energizer e2 Lithium batteries last up to seven times longer than the leading ordinary alkaline batteries in digital cameras, the company claims, depending on the type of camera, that is.

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