The Taste of Home Cooking School makes its annual return 4 p.m. March 13 at the Nancy O’Brian Center for the Performing Arts, 1809 Stubbeman Ave.

Vendor booths will open at 9 a.m., and no ticket is necessary to visit booths.

Taste of Home Cooking School features a springtime garden of recipes that will bring family and friends together for rewarding mealtime gatherings.

The school’s culinary team will look to provide simpler, greener and cleaner recipes. Simpler means using only a few ingredients, greener denotes local and sustainable, using fresh seasonal produce and cleaner means more natural and providing health benefits.

The Taste of Home Cooking School Brand Name Cookbook, published specifically for the cooking schools, will include current trends as well as timeless favorites. The $5.99 value will be presented to every guest who attends the show.

Culinary specialist Jamie Dunn will create a mushroom variation of clafouti, a country-French dessert made by topping a layer of fresh fruit with batter. It is served hot and sometimes topped with cream.

Dunn will prepare a monter au beurre and teach guests how it differs from a beurre blanc sauce.

The program will showcase 10 recipes, new food products, kitchen shortcuts and plating techniques. Between recipes will be opportunities for participants to receive door prizes.

For more information, call Rebekah Thomas at 366-3555. Details on purchasing tickets are online at

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