In John’s Gospel, we’re given some interesting insight in an after-dark conversation between one of Israel’s teachers named Nicodemus and Jesus: “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” [John 3:8].

This word “Spirit” translates into our language as “breath” or “wind”, so God’s Holy Spirit can literally be called “The Wind of God.” Jesus often used analogies and parables to teach something about God, His Kingdom and vital spiritual matters. In Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, He refers to the work of God’s Holy Spirit in a believer’s born-again experience by comparing it to movements of the wind. Why wind?

Wind as an aspect of Nature is one of the most powerful forces on face of earth, and this comparison to the Holy Spirit working within a believer is not by accident. One only needs to look around in nature to see what forces of wind accomplish — and by comparison, understand what God can do in us and through us by His spirit. Wind is a transforming force; playing a large part in the formation of the earth’s landscape over time. When our lives are “moved upon” by this “Wind of God,” miraculous things can and do occur.

Galatians 4:19 implies that “Christ must be formed in us.” Even in our best of efforts we still remain a long way from where God wants us to be spiritually. God is able to do things in us and through us that are humanly and physically impossible for us to do on our own. It is only by “The Wind of God” — His Spirit constantly at work in us — that we’re transformed into His image. We all need this “Wind of God” blowing in our lives to rearrange our lives and spirits to suite God.

Yet some people don’t want God to work and move in their life, they don’t want God to rearrange things, to reshape them or to re-form them. They want His blessings and then they want to be left alone with things to suit themselves. These folks have a one-time redemption experience with God and spend rest of their earthly lives in a holding pattern — like an aircraft circling an airport waiting on tower instructions for a final approach. They simply exist here in their present life, slogging out their day-to-day “rut race” in the world, but never experiencing the abundant life Christ brings.

Jesus told Nicodemus that this wind “blows wherever it pleases.” If we truly want to become all that God desires us to be, we’ve got to let God’s “wind” blow where it wills. The Wind of God’s Spirit is constantly blowing. We need a continual infilling, indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in order to dwell in Christ and to have fullness of Christ dwell in us. We must eagerly seek to have the Wind of God move in us.

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