The Dallas Morning News

One in a new quartet of "Tom Peters Essentials" career guides (the others are titled "Leadership," "Design" and "Talent"), this swoops down on two targets with all the finesse of buzzards on road kill.

One target is women, still under-represented at the upper end of business hierarchies and still overlooked as primary decision makers, the authors say. The other target is the 50-plus population.

While the authors clearly respect women's under-realized potential, they seem to see elders as sheep ready for fleecing.

"Do the Math: Codgers with Cash," is a typical segment title; another says, "Geezer Goods: A Market Comes of Age."

The guide offers sketchy tips on appealing to the women and aging boomers who, in the authors' view, hold the keys to America's economic, social and political future.

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