Find a phone booth to reach the Father

The Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long Beach, California. Memories of photos taken with visiting guests standing in the red, British phone booths line our photo albums.

Mention a phone booth to the younger generation and they have no clue. In these present times they are a rare commodity. I guess I'm showing my age, but I can recall the many times my friends and I crammed into a phone booth to share a call, or just to get out of the cold while we were waiting at the bus stop.

Today, even walk-up telephones are rare. A person can drive for blocks before locating a public telephone. Just forget to charge your cell phone, become lost, and you'll discover how difficult locating a telephone is in the 21st Century.

But alas, my friend, be of good cheer. An article in a major newspaper boasted what they called the "hottest thing," Cell Phone Booths. Cylinder tubes where people can go to have a private conversation in a public place.

No more intruding on the privacy of others?major cell phone users can simply excuse themselves when they receive a call in a restaurant, slip out to a Cell Phone Booth and carry on a conversation in private.

Joy, oh, Joy! Why didn't someone think of bringing out the old phone booths earlier? I join in the throng of people annoyed by intrusive callers at inappropriate times.

Phone booths have multifunctional uses. They can be for Cell Phone users, public phone users, or as a quick getaway for anyone needing a moment alone.

Memories trigger of the old song, "Sweet Hour of Prayer," and truthfully, in this busy world it's difficult to find an hour to pray. Sometimes just a minute or two is all it takes to make the connection and get recharged.

I don't know about you, but I would love to have a "Cell Phone Booth" available to slip into whenever I wanted to whisper a few words in prayer to Our Heavenly Father. A private moment, with no one else in earshot. No intrusion on others. Just a minute of peace.

If you should happen to catch me inside a Cell Phone Booth, don't expect me to be yakking on the phone, I'll be catching a few words with Our Father, and I won't have to worry about the reception?the connection will be great!

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