Real Estate Sales of $100,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk Tammy Howard

Nov. 24-28

Lot 5, Block 12, Lakeview Terrace, $110,000. Buyer, Gayle Cameron. Seller, Robert Vassilakos.

Lot 22, Block 12, The Legacy, $244,326.18. Buyer, Kristi and Truong Nguyen. Seller, Renaissance Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 12, Block 7, Berkeley, $145,000. Buyer, Sherry Hill. Seller, Cecil Hill.

Lot 2, Block 13, Talavera, $219,900. Buyer, Fabio and Liane Cavalcanti. Seller, Turnage Construction Inc.

Lots 3 and 7-9, Block 3, Vintage Farms, $235,000. Buyer, TLP Custom Homes LLC. Seller, Legacy Development LLC.

Lot 7, Block 1, Hollywood, $115,783. Buyer, Jan Nelson. Seller, Kern Properties Inc.

Lot 137, Huntington at the Mall, $112,000. Buyer, Velda Wilks. Seller, Cecilia Walla.

Lot 5, Block 3, Villas at Cascata Lakes, $236,000. Buyer, Keith and Patricia James. Seller, Jesse Mashburn.

Lot 8, Block 5, Valley View, $150,000. Buyer, Chadwick and Katie Kirby. Seller, Hunter Miller Family LLC.

Lot 9, Block 8, Prairie Creek, $128,000. Buyer, Shea Wesson. Seller, Harold and Karin Keller.

Lot 1, Block 1, East Ridge, $115,500. Buyer, Steven and Carla Nievar. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 12, Block 4, Eagle Cliff South, $156,382. Buyer, Deanna Meyer. Seller, Farzaneh Properties Inc.

Lot 16, Block 3, Shroyer Green Valley, $117,000. Buyer, Linda Sharp. Seller, Junction Properties LLC.

Lot 20, Block 3, Summit Ridge, $152,000. Buyer, Michael and Stephanie Harrison. Seller, Clifton and Latisha Nance.

E/2 SW/4 SE/4, Section 20, T9N, R3W, SW/4, Section 21, T9N, R3W, $1,800,000. Buyer, Thompson Development Co. Seller, Travis Eaton Trust.

Lot 16, Block 15, Williamson Farms, $193,000. Buyer, Blair Summers. Seller, Jim Archer Homes Inc.

Lot 1, Block 1, Colonial Estates, $106,500. Buyer, Bruce Mancilla. Seller, Cory and Martisha Green.

Lot 17, Block 5, Rockport, $248,000. Buyer, Joseph and Toni Warfield. Seller, Wayne Long Construction Inc.

Lot 1, Block 3, Stone Meadows South, $169,000. Buyer, Rhonda Arvin. Seller, William and Oralia Apodaca.

Lot 3, Block 1, Brookhaven, $155,000. Buyer, Joe and Heidi Long. Seller, James Sprague.

Lot 10, Block 12, South Harbor, $121,500. Buyer, Jenny Chong. Seller, Erik Lienemann.

Lot 6, Block 1, Home and Farming Shopping Center, $535,000. Buyer, Bandt Enterprises LLC. Seller, Rich Properties LMTD Partnership.

Lot 8, Block 3, Featherstone, $173,243. Buyer, Kevin and Kimberly Moses. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 6, Block 3, Shadowlake, $154,000. Buyer, Paul and Nadia Harrington. Seller, Trevor and Megan Furlong.

Lot 8, Block 12, East Ridge, $187,000. Buyer, James and Anne Deaton. Seller, Timothy and Lisa King.

Lot 10, Block 2, Highland Park, $106,900. Buyer, Sirva Relocation Properties LLC. Seller, David and Susan Pepper.

Lot 10, Block 2, Highland Park, $106,900. Buyer, Brandon and Remely Kight. Seller, Sirva Relocation Properties LLC.

Lot 13, Block 2, Katie Ridge, $142,000. Buyer, Holland Bankston. Seller, Philipe and Amy Simek.

Lot 17, Block 11, Lake Woods, $186,000. Buyer, Shannon and Andra Speerbrecher. Seller, Hall Baer Homes Corp.

Lot 27, Block 43, Winfield II, $178,000. Buyer, Brian and Penny Davis. Seller, Tom Abel Homes Inc.

Lot 1, Block 19, Talavera, $173,000. Buyer, Brenda Stroup. Seller, Harbor Homes Inc.

Lots 6 and 7, Block 1, Brookhaven Village, $148,000. Buyer, Pauline Bryant. Seller, Lynda McDonald.

Lot 26, Block 3, Summit Lakes, $190,490. Buyer, Rene Faria. Seller, Florida Construction Inc.

Lot 11, Block 1, Lakeside, $210,000. Buyer, Thomas and Patsy Fischbeck. Seller, Jocelyn Pederson Trust.

Lot 5, Block 3, Trailwoods, $136,000. Buyer, James and Amber Worden. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 1, Block 3, Tecumseh Ridge, $165,000. Buyer, Donald Shelton. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

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