Real Estate Sales of $100,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk, Tammy Howard.

Sept. 24-28

Lot 9, Block 3, South Harbor 2, $120,000. Buyer, Adam C. and Kara Phillips. Seller, Brandi L. Shelton.

Lot 9, Block 1, Rivendell 1, $275,000. Buyer, Behnaz Masoudi. Seller, Charles W. and Connie J. Hollen.

Lot 19, Block 9, Cascata Lakes 2, $355,000. Buyer, Chandra S. and Indrani Innuganti. Seller, Aaron Tatum Custom Homes.

Lot 25, Block 7, Rock Creek 3, $222,500. Buyer, Thomas F. Seiter. Seller, McAlister Construction Inc.

Lot 1, Block 1, Rock Creek 1, $212,000. Buyer, William D. and Caroll A. Potts. Seller, Mashburn Faires Homes LLC.

Lot 1, Block 1, St. James Park 4, $200,000. Buyer, Robert and Nicole Erdman. Seller, Westpoint Group LLC

Lot 22, Block 3, Castlerock 6, $190,000. Buyer, Weichert Relocation Resources. Seller, John OBrien and Lisa Silipigno-O'Brien.

Lot 22, Block 3, Castlerock 6, $190,000. Buyer, Jeff and Donna Hale. Seller, Weichert Relocation Resources Inc.

Lots 1--2, Block 1, Vineyard, $445,000. Buyer, Adam and Bridget Childers. Seller, Michael A. and Pamela M. Fuller.

Lots 3--4, Block 4, Fuzzells 2, $166,000. Buyer, Nora D. and Joseph B. Link. Seller, Jesse W. Butler, and Julie C. Nikel-Butler.

Lot 1, Block 3, Eagle Cliff 11, $161,000. Buyer, Salvatore Ida and Patricia Keefe. Seller, Lilburn and Rosemary Dawson.

Lot 11, Block 1, Country Place, $149,425. Buyer, Jerry D. and Shawn M. Ellis. Seller, Bella Homes LLC.

NW/4 Section 14, T10N, R1E, $165,000. Buyer, Michael and Nancy P. Mitchell. Seller, Tom M. Ferencich.

Lot 8, Block 2, Apple Valley 6, $129,000. Buyer, Amy M. Branscum. Seller, Mark A. Glasgow.

Lots 15--16, Block 4, State University, $118,000. Buyer, Gary and Alison Dudley and Craig Clingan. Seller, Tom H. and Lesley B. Gudgel III.

Lot 16, Block 10, Highland Park 6, $105,600. Buyer, Christopher and Briana Trevino. Seller, Fred and Melissa G. Cloaninger.

Lots 16--17, Block 1, Summit, $144,000. Buyer, Emily Dutcher Properties LLC and William Dutcher Real Estate LLC. Seller, Stanley L. and Jacqueline L. Mills.

Lot 1, Block 9, Eastmoor, $115,000. Buyer, Francisco J. Gurierrez. Seller, Guillermo and Gloria B. Mendez.

Lot 4, Block 6, Brandywine, $119,500. Buyer, Carolyn L. VanDyke. Seller, Joel F. and Susan K. Maly.

Lot 3, Block 1, Eastlake Estates, $146,000. Buyer, Elijah M. and Marie A. Poynor. Seller, Aaron E. and Amy N. Dripps.

Lot 21, Heights Estates, $148,500. Buyer, Enterprise Inc. Seller, Lois Hoofard.

Lots 1-6, Block 23, Classen-Miller, $575,000. Buyer, Zain Fuel Inc. Seller, Ray E. Dillon Jr. Trust.

Lot 1, Block 3, Flaming Oaks Estates, $400,000. Buyer, William J. and Holly L. Page. Seller, Cartus Relocation Corp.

Lots 18--19, Block 25, Mashburns Gold Medal, $115,500. Buyer, Douglas W. Gravitt. Seller, Kenneth M. and Jessica K. Ross Jr.

Lot 1, Block 65, Greenbriar Eastlake Estates 13, $104,500. Buyer, Andrea D. Morgan. Seller, Larry D. and Pamela J. Love.

Lot 28, Church Hill Estates, $365,000. Buyer, Gregory A. and Jenny N. Ewy. Seller, TLP Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 7, 9, 10--17, Block 1, Summerhill, $110,741. Buyer, Miller Building Inc. Seller, Summerhill Partners LLC.

Unit 124, Bldg. 11, The Edge At Norman Condos, Section 3, $111,000. Buyer, Ki and Jenni Kwang. Seller, Edge At Norman LLC.

Lot 12, Block 9, Ranchwood Manor 8, $156,000. Buyer, Jo Ann Lester. Seller, John P. and Carol S. Hamlin.

Lot 4, Block 3, Rolling Hills Estates, $269,000. Buyer, Kent Lillenberg. Seller, Kenneth M. and Elena G. Cubbage.

Lot 2, Block 2, University North Park, $335,000. Buyer, Stearns LLC. Seller, University Town Center LLC.

Lot 81, Block 1, Brookhaven Village 2, $135,000. Buyer, Cheryl P. Stamper. Seller, Sorey Trust.

Lot 19, Block 10, Rock Creek 3, $204,900. Buyer, Harley D. Foster. Seller, McAlister Construction Inc.

Lot 19, Block 1, McKelvy, $114,000. Buyer, Brad and Londa Madron. Seller, Danny and Kelly D. Weeks.

Lot 7, Block 11, Briarwood Creek 5, $131,000. Buyer, Clarence R. Sparlin Trust. Seller, Chris and Terra Richardson.

Lot 32, The Woodlands, $141,500. Buyer, Robert L. and Nancy S. Holmes. Seller, 2 K Country Homes LLC.

Lot 3B, Block 35, Southwinds, $102,000. Buyer, Betty L. Neff. Seller, Terril L. Blanton Trust.

Lot 25, Block 14, Westwood Estates, $129,000. Buyer, Karena M. Crawford. Seller, Ronald E. and Karen S. Smithers.

Lot 77--78, Block 3, Larshs University, $143,000. Buyer, Michael C. Thompson. Seller, Michael C. Thompson.

Lot 49, Block 1, Fiddlers Green at The Trails 2, $147,500. Buyer, Beverly S. Brown. Seller, Martin J. and Wendy K. Hanifin.

Lot 4, Block 3, Summit Lakes, $210,000. Buyer, Justin D. Baker. Seller, Norman Plywood Inc.

Lot 16, Block 2, Rock Creek Estates, $234,925. Buyer, Monty C. and Amy Rumsey. Seller, Sooner Homebuilders LLC.

Lot 7, Block 2, East Ridge Estates, $109,000, Buyer, Marcia L. Roberts. Seller, Jeramy W. and Julia L. Rutledge

Lot 2, Block 1, TSTB, $536,662, Buyer, Murphy Oil USA Inc. Seller, Wal-Mart Stores East Inc.

Lot 9, Block 11, Wingspread 2, $122,000, Buyer, Stan Olive. Seller, Rick L. and Lynn E. Fowler.

Lot 8, Block 6, South Harbor 2, $112,500, Buyer, Jared B. Bennett and Susan J. Loughridge. Seller, Delores A. Ellis.

Lot 8, Block 4, Gabriels Crossing, $155,270, Buyer, Theodore W. and Patricia A. Dexter. Seller, Avadon Homes LLC.

Lot 2, Block 1, Parkwood Estates, $150,500, Buyer, Anthony L. and Greta L. Morgan Jr. Seller, Joseph R. and Dari L. Roberts.

Lot 13, Block 5, Pennsylvania South 7, $165,500, Buyer, Merrod A. and Jennifer R. Murr. Seller, Marvin E. and Vanessa O. Buckner.

Lot 4, Sterling Heights, $280,000, Buyer, Richard L. and Lynn E. Fowler Jr. Seller, Academy Real Estate -- Development LLC.

W/2 Section 6, T10N, R1E, $106,000, Buyer, Kurtis R. and Lisa M. Lam. Seller, Brock A. Bishop.

Lot 5, Block 10, Wildflower 2, $113,900, Buyer, Richard and Rebecca Martin. Seller, Summit Capital Group Inc.

SE/4 Section 5, T10N, R3W, $379,938.72, Buyer, Murphy Oil USA Inc. Seller, Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust.

Lot 3, Block 1, Estates of Belmar, $159,500, Buyer, Marilee Latham. Seller, Earl and Lisa A. Strom.

Lot 8, Block 2, Rieger 2006, $192,850, Buyer, CCA Exchange LLC. Seller, Rieger LLC.

Lots 12--13, State University, $108,000, Buyer, Norman Miggs LLC. Seller, Florence Mailu.

Lot 22, Block 2, Canadian Trails 3, $141,000, Buyer, Kent A. and Debra F. Hubbard. Seller, Robert E. and Brenda McNutt.

SE/4 Section 35, T9N, R3W, $20,101,030.41. Buyer, Lawyers Title of Oklahoma City Inc. Seller, Gemini Parkway Plaza SLLC.

Lot 24, Block 6, Lake Woods Section 2, $166,000. Buyer, Ilamurughu Murugesan and Meenambigai Manickam. Waller Homes LLC.

Lot 7, Block 44, Winfield II, Addition 7, $142,000. Buyer, Chad D. and Shannon K. Stewart. Cliff Marical Homes Inc.

Lot 7, Block 10, The Legacy 3, $224,000. Buyer, Harold E. and Donna L. Walker. George Herman Homes LLC.

Lot 4, Block 12, Cascata Lakes 3, $299,500. Buyer, Ronald L. and Lucinda C. Stevens. Willa Construction Co. Inc.

Lot 1, Block 5, JD Estates, $125,000. Buyer, Shiloh and Janessa Dellinger. Carylion F. Kennedy.

Lot 4, Block 15, Williamson Farms, $212000. Buyer, Joel and Susan K. Maly. Seller, Bridgeport Development Group LLC.

Lots 2,3,11,12,17, Block 8, Lot 1,4,5,9,14, Block 9, Lake Woods, Section 3, $271000. Buyer, Baer Hall Homes Corp. Seller, Wood Enterprise LLC.

Lot 19, Block 1, Cambridge, $128000. Buyer, Stephen K. Mitchell. Seller, David T. and Angi J. Hopwood.

Lot 9, Block 3, Katie Ridge 3, $170000. Buyer, Benjamin T. and Tori H. Duphorne. Seller, Anthony T. and Mindy D. Pham.

Lot 5, Block 2, Sonoma Park 2, $102500. Buyer, Ryan Pitt. Seller, Bettie J. Glenn.

Lot 35, Block 3, Summit Lakes 6, $244900. Buyer, Eric S. and Ginger Lopez. Seller, Sundance Builders LLC.

Lots 14-16, Block 33, Noble OT, $105000. Buyer, Austin and Courtney Krieger. Seller, John Smitson and Cynthia S. White.

Lot 6, Block 3, Brookhaven Square, $167000. Buyer, ITS Enterprise LLC. Seller, Stephen G. and Tami L. Joseph.

Lots 3--4, Block 1, Rieger 2006, $333905. Buyer, Specialized Property Development LLC. Seller, Rieger LLC.

Lot 7, Block 4, Hall Park 3, $169000. Buyer, Steven W. and Jodie L. Daffer. Seller, David M. and Terri Horton.

Lot 40B, Block 1, Baers Westmore, $101700. Buyer, Williamson R. Cushing. Seller, Donna M. Keener.

Lot 28, Block 3, Southridge, $109000. Buyer, Jose Aguero. Seller, Carl L. and Shawna Dowdy.

Lot 9, Block 5, Welchs South, $122000. Buyer, Clarence A. and Jana White. Seller, Duy Nguyen and Li Huang.

Lot 10, Block 1, Brookwood V, $155000. Buyer, Ernest R. and Loretta Campbell. Seller, Gary K. and Debra Brewer.

Lot 4, Block 2, Washington Square, $127,000. Buyer, Michael P. and Jennifer D. Sullivan. Seller, Sidney H. and Miriam E. Schuler.

Lot 12, Highland Business Park, $480,000. Buyer, J. Russell Investments Inc. Seller, Hugh and Linda Harrell.

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