Real Estate Sales of $75,000 and above, as recorded by the office of Cleveland County Clerk, Dorinda Harvey.

April 2-5

Lot 19, Block 1, Summit Ridge, $81,000. Buyer, Carl R. Hoffman. Seller, Felicia McMullen.

Lot 6, Block 61, Regency Park, $77,000. Buyer, Jason James and Erin Mitchum. Seller, Robert T. Young Trust.

Lot 5A, Block 21, Baers Westmore, $112,000. Buyer, Michael A. Adams. Seller, Naomi Anderson.

Lot 10, Block 23, Stone Meadows, $150,000. Buyer, Charles M. and Carolyn S. Kennedy. Seller, Oakview Homes LLC.

Lot 10, Block 7, Talavera, $217,500. Buyer, Johnny Hollis. Seller, First Oklahoma Construction Inc.

Lot 12, Block 1, Warwick, $308,000. Buyer, Mehdi K. Monfared. Seller, Kenneth J. and Linda E. Przybocki.

Lot 5, Block 1, Highland Village, $309,000. Buyer, Carl W. and Patricia A. Johnson. Seller, Artisan Homes LLC.

Lot 7A--7B, Block 10, Briarwood Creek, $130,000. Buyer, Gary and Oleta Hayton. Seller, Harvery J. and Martha E. Rucker Trust.

Lot 2, Block 11, Carriage Park, $191,000. Buyer, Gregory T. and Vicki L. Nelson. Seller, Ralph R. and Etta Uzzle.

Lot 12, Block 30, Westmoor, $124,000. Buyer, Grant Neel. Seller, Robert D. and Dawn Louderback.

NW/4, Section 18, T9N, R1W, $280,000. Buyer, Steve N. Moore and Donita K. Goodin. Seller, Timothy G. and Carol S. Reason.

Lot 14, The Woodlands, $141,000. Buyer, Kenneth R. Shepard. Seller, 2K Investments Inc.

Lot 12, Block 8, Hunters Place, $178,000. Buyer, Thomas W. and Debra J. Wiginton. Seller, Fears Trust.

Lot 8, Block 4, Greenbriar Eastlake Estates, $117,000. Buyer, Kenneth L. Jones Jr. Seller, Vernon H. and Cheryl Jones.

Lot 6, Block 10, Hunters Place, $163,000. Buyer, Chad A. and Tricia L. Kudrna. Seller, Darrell E. Mason.

Lot 4, Block 1, Summit Valley Addition, $425,000. Buyer, Carol Reason. Seller, Devonshire Homes Inc.

NW/4, Section 9, T8N, R2W, $425,000. Buyer, Christine M. Kane and Whitney L. Boutin. Seller, Rosanne Jones.

Lot 1, Block 2, Oakridge Estates, $330,000. Buyer, Thomas M. Ausdenmoore. Seller, Richard W. and Phyllis J. Elliston.

Lot 8, Block 3, Lakeside Estates, $167,000. Buyer, Vickie L. Shore. Seller, Jeff L. and Liz L. Schwartz.

Lot 8, Block 123, Edge At Norman Condos, $147,000. Buyer, Donald and Iris MacIntosh. Seller, Edge At Norman LLC.

Lot 8, Block 132, Edge At Norman Condos, $153,000. Buyer, Donald and Iris MacIntosh. Seller, Edge At Norman LLC.

Lot 1, Block 3, Eastlake Estates, $127,000. Buyer, John Vu. Seller, Hieu H. and Uyen H. Pham.

Lot 2, Block 4, Royal Oaks, $166,000. Buyer, Maribeth Moak. Seller, Ideal Homes LP.

Lot 1, Block 4, Willows, $250,000. Buyer, Troy L. and Patricia A. Matthews. Seller, Touchstone Homes LLC.

Lot 10, Block 1, Ashton Grove, $1,450,000. Buyer, Danny C. Wright. Seller, Joe W. and Pamela G. Ferguson.

Lot 14, Block 4, Tecumseh Ridge, $154,500. Buyer, Cliff and Kelliegh Pfeil. Seller, Colony Homes.

Lot 19, Block 3, Valley View, $138,900. Buyer, Curtis S. Price. Seller, Woolf Anne Holman Trust.

Lot 23, Block 12, Ranchwood Manor, $219,000. Buyer, Bill R. Trammell. Seller, Sanders Wanda P. Trust.

Lot 6, Block 14, Greenbriar Kingsbrook, $193,900. Buyer, Sanders Wanda P. Trust. Seller, Kirk D. and Kathryn L. Czarnecka.

Lot 4, Block 3, Earlywine Estates, $158,000. Buyer, Steve Roberts. Seller, Gregory S. and Kathlene M. Johnson Jr.

Lot 6, Block 19, Greenbriar Eastlake Estates, $126,000. Buyer, Gregory Boydston. Seller, ADR Home Enterprises Inc.

Lot 4, Block 2, Pennsylvania Place, $155,000. Buyer, Neal E. and Valerie K. Lehr. Seller, John W. Lehr and Neal E. and Valerie K. Lehr.

Lot 21, Block 3, Summit Lakes, $167,000. Buyer, Best Point Homes LLC. Seller, Dustin J. and Amy Savage.

Lot 13, Block 6, Westmoor, $132,000. Buyer, Charles W. and Margarita K. Chadrick. Seller, Darrin and Sandra B. Guthrie.

Lot 11, Block 57, South Gate, $77,000. Buyer, Rebecca Pate. Seller, Peggy L. Wilkerson.

Lot 26, Block 4, Lakewood Terrace, $124,000. Buyer, Michael A. Boyd. Seller, Barry K. and Tina S. Johnston.

Lot 6, Block 10, Springwood Estates, $118,000. Buyer, Joe Rayos. Seller, Steven L. and Fatina Willey.

Lot 6A, Block 1, Woodhaven, $86,500. Buyer, Stephanie L. Joseph. Seller, Ralph and Delpha Frances Folger Trust.

Lot 19B, Block 1, Woodhaven, $98,000. Buyer, Scott A. Compton. Seller, James O. Pender Jr.

Lot 5, Block 1, Vinehaven, $240,000. Buyer, Carrie Ann Evans. Seller, Matthew W. and Kim Plowman.

Lot 22-26, Block 3, Norman OT, $145,000. Buyer, Scott T. and Abby M. Banks. Seller, Bruce L. Haynes and F. L. Kirkwood-Haynes.

Lot 11, Block 14, Blue Stern Ridge, $176,000. Buyer, Bryson S. and Ilena N. Varner. Seller, Haworth Homes LLC.

Lot 5, Block 10, Meadow Run, $171,000. Buyer, Charles J. and Bobbie S. Brown. Seller, Vesta Homes Inc.

Lot 3, Block 3, Lakeside Estates, $188,500. Buyer, Kimzey L. Keen. Seller, McAlister Construction Inc.

Lot 60, Sunrise Hill, $90,000. Buyer, Kenny and Melissa Denton. Seller, Chris B. and Cynthia L. D. Turner.

Lot 9, Block 46, Winfield II, 7, $161,000. Buyer, Kenneth W. Taylor. Seller, Tom Abel Homes Inc.

Lot 5B, Block 36, Southwinds 2, $92,000. Buyer, Juan G. Castro. Seller, R. C. Teel and John W. and Diana L. Teel.

Lot 37, Block 2, Creeks At Wimberley, $172,000. Buyer, Jesse A. Cabeling. Seller, STP Homes Inc.

Lot 1, Blcok 1, Broadmoore, $147,500. Buyer, Debra L. Nelson and Kristina D. Bodwell. Seller, Tim Howell.

Lot 4, Block 2, Summit Lakes 7, $231,000. Buyer, Liyou Wu and Minru Xiao. Seller, Sheridan LLC.

Lot 9, Block 3 Shadowlake 5, $139,500. Buyer, Justin C. Nickel. Seller, Copperfield Construction LLC.

Lot 13, Sunnylane Estates, $194,500. Buyer, Barry K. and Tina S. Johnston. Seller, Robert and Stephanie Bovee Jr.

Lot 8, Block 3, Cedar Brook, $79,900. Buyer, Floyd McKee. Seller, Mary A. Welles.

Lot 44, Block 7, Rock Creek 3, $196,000. Buyer, Raul H. Melero. Seller, Woodard Marc Homes Inc.

Lot 13, Block 21, Apple Estates, $269,500. Buyer, James L. and Tammy K. Benear. Seller, Refection Homes LP.

Lot 16, Block 7, Talavera, $158, 000. Buyer, Jeffrey Miller and Quyen Phan. Seller, Harbor Homes Inc.

Lot 12, Block 1, Apple Valley 6, $148,000. Buyer, Joshua D. and Jessica L. Miller. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

Lot 15, Block 2, Broadway Terrace, $102,600. Buyer, Michael W. and Staci L. Seilkopf. Seller, Kenneth D. and Donya Griffith.

Lot 3, Block 5, Rio De Bella, $403,000. Buyer, Eric and Amy Urbach. Seller, Horton DR Texas Ltd LP.

SW/4, Section 34,T9N, R1W, $257,000. Buyer, Scott A. and Deborah A. Charlton. Seller, Curtis E. Gibson.

Lot 316, Venice Condominiums, $81,3000. Buyer, Debra D. Vaughn. Seller, CSCKI LLC.

Lot 8, Block 3, Summit Lakes 6, $303,000. Buyer, Matthew D. Blose and Amy M. Savage. Seller, Homeside LLC.

SW/4, Section 10, T10N, R1W, $89,000. Buyer, Bobby J. and Jennifer R. Bibb Jr. Seller, Stephen J. and Mary A. Lockyer.

Lot 10, Block 7, Eagle Cliff 3, $109,000. Buyer, Trinity L. and Heather C. Seal. Seller, Val Verde Real Estate LLC.

SW/4, Section 4, T8N, R2W, $430,000. Buyer, The Shops At Crimson Park LLC. Seller, Christine M. Kane and Whitney L. Boutin Jr.

Lot 2, Block 5, Fuzzells 2, $ 157,000. Buyer, Nelson B. and LaVetta K. Dent. Seller, Matthew W. and Joni G. Hamilton.

Lot 9, Block 1, Crystal Gardens at Greenbriar, $164,900. Buyer, Tom L. and Karan J. McAdams. Seller, Joshua Carver and Amanda L. Kristek.

Lot 11, Block 2, Lincoln Terrace, $290,000. Buyer, George C. and Kenita L. Gibbins. Seller, Leu Trust.

Lot 3, Block 28, Westmoor 5, $127,500. Buyer, Sarah Danko. Seller, Scott A. and Michelle D. Batson.

Lot 3, Block 8, Quailbrook 2, $160,000. Buyer, Sylvie T. Walters. Seller, Heritage Trust Co.

Lot 25, Block 2, Creeks At Wimberly, $192,000. Buyer, Joseph and Valeria Barrett. Seller, Vintage Custom Homes LLC.

Lot 10, Block 1, Apple Valley 6, $131,000. Buyer, Michael M. and Amber Shockley. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

Lot 2, Block 4, Oakhurst, $134,000. Buyer, Janice C. Grankowski. Seller, Brian and Alicia Bricker.

Lot 8, Block 2, Sutton Place 6, $180,000. Buyer, Kristofer Favaloro. Seller, Richard M. and Peggy L. Cherry.

Lot 31, Block 9, JD Estates, $88,500. Buyer, David A. and Nicole M. Cash. Seller, Abel Tom Homes Inc.

NE/4, Section 4, T9N, R1E, $134,000. Buyer, Stephen Lockyer. Seller, Veronica Morgan.

Lot 7, Block 4, Park Place 5, $210,000. Buyer, Todd A. Young. Seller, Colony Homes Inc.

E/2 NW/4 -- NE/4, Section 9, T9N, R2W, $527,000. Buyer, Deborah J. Hoover, Teresa L. Hamra and Lisa Lawter. Seller, Charles C. and Delores A. Lane Sr.

NW/4, Section 3, T8N, R2W, $95,000. Buyer, Mack A. Winters. Seller, Tami S. Rockwell.

Lot 13, Waggoners, $125,000. Buyer, Meri K. Barker. Seller, Victoria O. Ryan.

Lot 1, Block 3, East Lindsey Plaza 3, $425,000. Buyer, Issac E. and Evelyn R. Williams. Seller, Dan and Suzanne Powell.

Lot 16, Block 12, Fountains, $287,000. Buyer, Richard J. Shaver and Jerri A. Hood. Seller, David C. and S. M. Kirby.

Lot 25, Block 47, Regency Park 5, $78,5000. Buyer, Jason A. Lamb. Seller, Jerry L. and Dolores J. Burpo.

Lot 26, Block 5, Sunrise Heights 3, $84,500. Buyer, Wayne and Barbara A. McEndree. Seller, Kevin and Gretchin Fox.

Lot 24, Block 3, Lakeridge Run, $207,500. Buyer, Carl R. Lynch. Seller, David M. and A. S. Calvert.

Lot 23, Block 6, Broadmoor Creek, $105,000. Buyer, Dana Palmer and Jeanette K. Palmer. Seller, Paula Y. Seals.

Lot 4, Block 2, Quail Ridge 7, $127,000. Buyer, Brandon Berdinner. Seller, James M. and Amy E. Larson.

Lot 31, Block 1, Prairie View, $248,290. Buyer, William R. McKinney. Seller, Canterra Homes LLC.

Lot 8, Block 9, College Manor, $166,000. Buyer, John Cardinal. Seller, Kim M. Arredondo.

Lot 22, Block 2, Springwood Estates, $109,000. Buyer, Stuart and Batista Corbin. Seller, Rudy J. and Marla J. Hice.

SE/4 Section 9, T10N, R1W, $130,000. Buyer, Paul E. and Susan M. Kendrick. Seller, Brian and Deborah L. Kelley Trust.

Lot 24, Block 1, Lost Creek, $212,000. Buyer, Vernon L. and Janice A. Turner. Seller, Timothy and Tina L. Barnum.

Lot 8, Block 2, Brookside, $81,000. Buyer, Mickey C. Tessneer. Seller, Betty J. Morgan.

Lot 33, Block 16, Westmoor, $101,000. Buyer, Stefanie R. Messer. Seller, Scott Phinney.

Lot 3, Block 1, Woodcreek, $118,000. Buyer, Cartus Financial Corp. Seller, Moses A. and Mara Silva.

Lot 3, Block 1, Woodcreek, $122,500. Buyer, Edward B. Kirreh. Seller, Cartus Financial Corp.

Lot 2, Block 5, Westport Professional Park, $435,000. Buyer, R -- P Enterprises LLC. Seller, BBlH Inc.

Lot 16, Block 47, Winfield II, 7, $158,500. Buyer, Corina and Oscar Sanchez. Seller, Liberty Homes Inc.

Lot 27, Block 1, Arbor Lake 4, $521,000. Buyer, Jizhong Zhou and Cindy Shi. Seller, JMhomes Inc.

Lot 11, Block 6, Amber Ridge 4, $122,500. Buyer, Brian F. Coley. Seller, Robert and Oksun Senters.

Lot 11, Block 1, Pickard Acres, $119,000. Buyer, Robby L. Moore. Seller, Gary H. and Nadean Watson.

Lot 6, Block 10, Meadow Run 3, $132,500. Buyer, Gary V. and April L. Walker. Seller, Vesta Homes Inc.

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