Glass recycling options remain despite changes

Katie Standlee / The Transcript)

Norman recycling customers will see changes in what

Republic, the city's recycling contractor, will accept starting

Jan. 1. Plastics marked in categories one and two are the only ones that will be accepted.

Despite the new city recycling guidelines that go into effect today, Norman residents still have local options for recycling glass.

As of Jan. 1, residents can no longer recycle glass products in their own recycling bins. But they can drop off glass at one of Norman's three recycling centers, which are each open 24/7.

Annahlyse Meyer, Norman's chief communications officer, said the city is working out a contract with another company to start recycling glass at the city’s three recycling centers, and that residents who want to recycle glass products can bring them to one of the centers.

For now, until the contract is settled, the city recycling centers will be able to take on “small monthly household quantities” of recycled glass from residents, but won’t be able to handle any industrial-sized loads, Meyer said.

The city announced in December that its recycling partner, Republic Services, will no longer accept glass or plastics in categories three through seven for pickup from residents. Plastics three through seven include trash bags, pipe, flooring, toys, electronic housing, flower pots, food containers, paint cans, compost bins, plastic lumber or auto parts.

Residents can still recycle plastics in categories one and two. Those items include metal and aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers, milk cartons and beverage bottles, and shampoo, conditioner and detergent bottles.

The new recycling guidelines will also impact Midwest City and Edmond, both serviced by Republic. Meyer told the Transcript in mid-December that Republic is making the changes to respond to shifts in the recycling industry.

"The reason for this is that at this point the carbon footprint to collect, transport and recycle glass exceeds the benefit of recycling it,” Meyer said for a previous story. "It's not really environmentally responsible to continue to recycle (plastic categories three through seven).”

Norman’s three recycling centers are located at the Hollywood Shopping Center at McGee Drive and Lindsey Street, at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds at 1499 N. Porter Ave. and at Fire Station No. 9 at 3001 E. Alameda St.

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