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Norman-based singer-songwriter Steven Thorn is throwing a "wedding concert" Friday to promote his upcoming album, "Groomsman."

Steven Thorn may not have a ring on his fourth finger, but he is no stranger to the ring of wedding bells.

Norman-based singer-songwriter Thorn is throwing 9 Times A Groomsman, a wedding-themed concert, 7:30 p.m. today at Cornerstone Methodist Church, 2604 N. May Ave, Oklahoma City, to promote his upcoming album, "Groomsman."

"I wanted to create a fun way to showcase the songs and promote the upcoming album, which will be out in the fall," Thorn said.

The album and concert are inspired by Thorn's experience being a groomsman in nine different weddings.

"You realize it's starting to become a thing when you're constantly going to get sized for suits and tuxes." Thorn said. "You're definitely really grateful that you've meant something to people and that you're in their wedding, but then there's a part of you that wonders, 'When is it going to be my turn?'"

Thorn said the first two songs he wrote for the album were about processing his breakups and unrequited love.

"I think there are people who are lonely and want to be married by whatever point they're in," Thorn said. "I want to give them a space to grieve the life that they thought they would have, but they don't have."

Thorn said some of the songs he wrote recently are uplifting and express the special bonds he has with his brother, nephews and friends.

"You don't have to wait for a significant other in order to be complete," Thorn said. "You can really find fulfillness and meaning as a single person and invest in your friendships and invest in your family and not be lacking."

The allusion to a wedding was initially subtle in Thorn's plans for the concert, including only save-the-date cards for the show and Thorn dressing up as a groomsman.

"But then it just kind of rolled down the hill and got bigger and bigger until I decided I needed to throw a wedding for this," Thorn said.

The concert will have all the staples of a traditional wedding, including a bride and groom, an officiant and Thorn serving, as usual, as a groomsman.

"I want it to feel as much like a real wedding as possible," Thorn said.

Drake Diacon will officiate the "wedding" and duet with Thorn for a song, as will married couple Sheila and Julian Francisco. They will act as the bride and groom.

After the concert, a reception will take place from 9 to 10 p.m. featuring DJ Keegan Kirkhart and refreshments provided by Jon Hunnell of Sconed City.

Photo and video footage will be taken at the wedding concert to be used in a music video or promotional art for the album.

"We really wanted to make the reception … a really fun event for people and make it an opportunity to get some good photos and video," Thorn said.

As with most weddings, formal dress is expected. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at

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