Three suspects have been identified and the investigation continues into an explosion Sunday night in the Eagle Cliff Addition in southeast Norman, police said Monday.

The original call to police came about 8 p.m. Sunday and directed responding units to 1105 Sparrow Hawk Dr.

Several area residents reported hearing an explosion about a block and a half away from the house on Sparrow Hawk, and responding officers taped off a home construction site where the explosion reportedly occurred.

Jennene Stanley, who lives about three blocks from the site where the bomb exploded, said the force of the explosion shook her house.

Stanley said her husband heard the explosion, "went out back and saw all the smoke and saw all the people run out of the house."

"(My husband) told me to call 911 and I called 911," she said. "It was obviously a pipe explosion from the sound of it. It was not a firecracker."

According to witnesses, the three bombers ran from the home construction site back to their house on Sparrow Hawk and tried to leave.

"They were trying to escape and another man came in with his white SUV and blocked the driveway," Stanley said. "It's stupid. In this day and age you don't do stuff like this."

Three male suspects, 20, 21 and 23, were identified and questioned by police. Their names will not be released to the public unless they're arrested or charged in the incident, police said.

Norman Police Capt. Leonard Judy said responding officers were directed to the Sparrow Hawk residence by several neighborhood residents. Upon their arrival, officers "located a pickup truck in the driveway that appeared to contain ordinary fireworks," he said.

"Since an explosion had been reported, officers decided to err on the side of caution, taped off the area and called out the Hazardous Devices Unit," Judy said. Bomb technicians responded to the scene and determined the area was safe, he said.

When the investigation is complete, officers will turn over reports to the district attorney's office for the possible filing of criminal charges, Judy said.

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