Josh Wells got a perfect going away gift Wednesday night: tickets to the Oklahoma/Texas football game.

The pair was a gift from Seven47, where he’d worked since he returned from one year of service in Iraq last December. He’s leaving again for Iraq Sunday, this time as a civilian contractor.

“I was shocked,” Wells said of his reaction to the gift. “I was just so excited.”

The tickets were given to him at the Campus Corner Association’s Pre-Dallas Rally Wednesday evening.

The event was the first put on by the association. It was 5-8 p.m. in the La Luna parking lot on Asp Avenue.

The lineup for the evening was impressive: local musician Josh Roberts opened for Graham Colton.

Members of the Pride of Oklahoma played rousing OU standards and cheerleaders tried to raise the spirits of the dozen or so people attending the event.

“Not too big in numbers, but that’s all right — it’s their first year,” OU running back Jacob Gutierrez said when he addressed the crowd at the pep rally.

A time conflict with another pre-Dallas pep rally and the early evening time slot probably didn’t help bring people, cheerleader Tara Tomlinson said.

Moore resident Cyndi Womack said she and her family were planning on going somewhere else when they heard about this event on the radio. Her two daughters liked watching the cheerleaders, she said.

The rally was effective, though, Norman resident Mark Cooper said.

“It’s getting me inspired for the weekend,” he said.

The event showed potential as local merchants worked together for something, said Julie Cooper, Mark’s wife.

The Campus Corner Association gave members of the Pride three $500 scholarships for attending the rally.

“I think it’s great the Campus Corner came together for this,” Julie Cooper said.

Hopefully, the word will get out and next year there will be even more people at the event, she said.

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