Slaughterville, yesterday to today

1908. James Slaughter moves his wife and eight children to Slaughterville area from Brock. Later they acquiring several farms and a mercantile business.

1920s-30s. During the Great Depression, Mr. Slaughter gave too much credit to his hard-pressed neighbors and was forced into bankruptcy.

1920s. Young Wiley Post asked permission of Mr. Slaughter to use an adjacent field in Lexington. The site later became Post's unofficial airport, frequented by the airman and later, friend and accomplice Will Rogers.

1947. Mr. Slaughter dies while living with his daughter Oleta. He is buried in Stratford.

?Nov. 20, 1970. Slaughterville incorporates with 7,680 acres with a vote of 34-0 by residents. Population at the time was estimated between 153 and 158. Al Barnes, Raymond Wenthold and Bill Hightower sought signatures around town in support of the incorporation.

Nov. 25, 1970. Incorporation paperwork signed, sealed and delivered to Cleveland County clerk's office.

Nov. 10, 1971. First town meeting held at Ober Shobert's Grocery Store. Slaughterville was divided into three wards and a trustee representing each ward, a town clerk and a treasurer were appointed. Al Barnes was elected the town's first mayor and Keith Shobert served as the first town clerk.

1972. Size and population of Slaughterville doubles through annexations including an approximately 7,000 square-foot area in March of 1972. Businesses of the town include two stores, a tavern, a meat processing plant, a grass farm and nursery and a mobile home park.

1976. Volunteer fire department established with a one and one-quarter ton combat vehicle donated from the state's civil defense department.

1981. Al Barnes, first mayor of Slaughterville, dies.

1985. Massive de-annexations take place. November 1985, a de-annexation takes all seven elected officials out of the municipal limits.

Dec. 3, 1985. Gov. George Nigh appoints Lynn Devenport, Terry Childress and Robert Powell to service as a minimum-quorum interim board of trustees.

1987. Slaughterville land holdings total 23 square miles and population includes more than 1,860 residents. Town trustees vote to buy 10 acres and build a two-engine fire house with adjoining rooms for public meetings.

Nov. 18, 1990. Town holds a 20-year celebration.

2000. Census shows 3,609 residents and encompasses 24,960 acres and approximately 39 square miles.

September 2004. First annual Slaughterville Fall Harvest and Grape Festival.

February 2004. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals unsuccessfully urges town to consider changing name to "Veggieville."

November 2005. Volunteer fire department is recognized as "The Best of the Best" for volunteer fire departments by the members of Rural Oklahoma Electric Cooperatives.

Nov. 25, 2005. Slaughterville marks 30 years as incorporated community.

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