OU fans hang out on the Logie's before Sooners' game against South Dakota, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019. 

Campus Corner has a new attraction at Logie's with a large outdoor patio that recently opened.

Todd Emerson, Logie's general manager, said the idea for the second-story patio sparked about five years ago. As owners of the building with a good view of Campus Corner, Emerson and the owner thought this was the best way to connect to Asp Avenue and Buchanan Street.

"We always kind of lacked that patio feel," Emerson said. "To make it in today's age you have to have some type of outdoor venue, a more festive kind of area."

The patio is rentable and is a multi-purpose, 2,000-square-foot concrete deck open patio, he said, with steel piers that protrude inside of the building. There are tables, chairs and stools available and the only indoor features are the bar top and two bathrooms.

Emerson said customers can eat and drink up there. He already has a DJ that plays upstairs on Thursdays, but he plans to add live bands, cornhole and dart boards up there too. The patio is open to all ages until 10 p.m., he said, and then it's 21 and up only.

"So far the feedback has been good. I think everyone is happy that there is another feature on Campus Corner, that we are offering more than we did before," Emerson said.

Carrie Hendricks, executive director for the Campus Corner Association said she hasn't heard feedback, but the patio has been extremely busy this week. Every time she has walked by there have been quite a few people up there.

"I'm excited to see how it goes and hopefully more people will come down and enjoy it. I do think it's a great add-on," Hendricks said. "It does change the atmosphere just a little bit, but I mean we all like to sit outside don't we?"

Along with expanding to upstairs, Logie's also has a newly expanded menu with salads and pizzas. Before, Emerson said it was all basic fried food, but they want to open up the place more to that customer that's not into just fried food.

Frozen drinks will also be a new addition, he said, because they now have a machine that makes 120 frozen drinks an hour. There are also some vegetarian options through their salads, fries and Southwest egg rolls.

Emerson thinks the new addition will help with sales, but they really have their fingers crossed that it brings in the 25 and older age range -- a crowd that's more professional and comes out and goes home earlier. Right now Campus Corner businesses are not geared towards college students, he said, but that's kind of the crowd they get the most.

"We feel it's a nice addition to the atmosphere here on the Corner, and we hope it attracts more guests to the district," Hendricks said. "It's just got a great patio area where you can sit outside and you can look all the way down Asp."

With this addition Logie's is joining Volare, The Porch and Seven47 in the outdoor patio realm, but at 2,000 square feet Logie's is the biggest. Emerson said the patio adds extra open-air space that allows them to venture into live music, DJs, private parties and just an overall appreciation of Norman with the open outdoor view.

"I think that it's going to bring, hopefully, a different cliental, especially during the summertime. We don't have a whole lot of patios on campus, and during the spring and summer that's what people usually look for, a nice patio area," Kyle Madden, president of the Campus Corner Association and general manager for Louie's Bar and Grill, said.

None of the outdoor structure sits on top of the building downstairs, Emerson said. It's an independently supporting structure on top. A lot of customers came in concerned, he said, because Logie's is an older building, but the structure is a brand new all steel and concrete structure.

There is still some construction upstairs with new walls and lighting going up, so this week was more of a soft opening. Emerson said they are planning a grand opening when everything is finished. There are no clear plans or date yet for the grand opening, but he said they will probably run specials and have a band up there.

"The good thing is we have been blessed with great exposure already, so we don't really have to do much," Emerson said. "Part of having a grand opening is to get everybody to pay attention, but that's kind of already happened."

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