Ex-girlfriend's apartment targeted

By Tom Blakey

Transcript Staff Writer

A Moore man was ordered Wednesday to serve three years in prison in connection with the Dec. 2, 2007, break-in of a former girlfriend's apartment, in which he deliberately set the residence on fire.

The ex-girlfriend had a victim's protective order against the man, filed about a month earlier, in which she specifically stated he was going to break into her apartment and set it on fire, officials said.

Dutch Casey Studer, 22, pleaded guilty to first-degree arson and second-degree burglary, and was sentenced by District Judge Lori Walkley.

For the arson charge, Studer was ordered to serve three years in prison, followed by a seven-year suspended sentence. For the burglary, Studer was handed another seven-year suspended term. Studer was ordered to undergo two years' DOC supervision upon his release.

Assistant District Attorney Rick Sitzman said Studer kicked in the door to set the blaze.

"Fortunately it was one of those apartment buildings that had a fire sprinkler system," Sitzman said. "The fire sprinklers put out the blaze and no one got hurt."

The victim said she and Studer were watching a football game in a sports bar the evening of Dec. 1. The two had a verbal argument and Studer began cursing at her, officials said.

The woman left the bar and said she drove by her residence at the Montclair Park Apartments, 10900 S. Pennsylvania Ave. in Moore, but did not see the suspect. She then went to the grocery store. When she returned, she saw her neighbors trying to put out the fire in her apartment.

The suspect text messaged the victim at the scene of the fire, saying: "I hope you forgive me peace."

The woman's apartment door had been kicked in, and two separate fires independently set, investigators said. Fire investigators said the three-story apartment building was constructed with wood frame brick veneer and wood siding.

Sitzman said he was pleased with the sentence, "given the nature of the case."

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