Norman man faces domestic assault charges

A man accused of making secret videos with a hidden camera in a Starbucks restroom pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts of being a peeping tom.

Colby Ryan Bramlett, 43, of Moore, told Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman he secretly placed electronic recording equipment inside the unisex restroom at the Moore Starbuck's restaurant, 620 SW 19th St.

Bramlett entered a blind plea before Balkman, which means the judge will determine the defendant's punishment, instead of having a negotiated sentence with prosecutors. The maximum punishment for each of the four counts is five years in prison. Bramlett will be sentenced by the judge March 11.

A Starbucks representative could not be reached for comment late Wednesday on Bramlett's guilty plea.

Moore police wrote in an affidavit that the camera had been placed inside the Starbucks restroom multiple times over several months in 2018. At least four victims were identified by police. When the device was discovered, Moore police requested anyone who was at the Starbucks restroom during that period of time to contact investigators.

The recording device was attached to the wall under the restroom sink. It was discovered by a customer in early November 2018. Police reported the camera contained an SD card, which was analyzed by forensic experts. Several videos were found on the card, including shots of the suspect placing the camera inside the restroom.

Bramlett admitted to Moore police that he placed the clandestine camera inside the restroom, according to the affidavit.


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