Vicke French remembers her son Aaron Michael French as a child who could make the entire family laugh with his Jim Carrey impersonations.

"He could do Jim Carrey impersonations better than Jim Carrey," French said.

The mother learned Wednesday afternoon that she would never hear her son's impersonation of the comedian/actor ever again.

Norman police said the 27-year-old man apparently shot himself with a handgun and died inside a bathroom adjacent to the swimming pool inside the Super 8 Motel, 2600 W. Main St., Wednesday afternoon following a short pursuit.

French said events that led to her son's death began about nine years ago when Aaron began using methamphetamine. He soon developed an addiction to the illegal drug.

The mother spoke to The Transcript in an effort to help people better understand how drug abuse can destroy a person's life.

About a year ago, Aaron celebrated one year of sobriety.

French said she hoped the milestone would be enough to keep Aaron clean and away from methamphetamine, but it wasn't.

Aaron's mother said she has an idea of why her son felt ending his life was the only way to find peace.

"They were going to revoke his probation and he was looking at 30 years," she said. "He couldn't stand to go back to prison."

According to Department of Corrections records, French had previous convictions from 2002 in McClain County for possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine) and possession of precursor with intent to manufacture.

French said Aaron was living in Purcell and enrolled in McClain County's drug court program when he died Wednesday.

"He was a good person, he just got mixed up with meth," she said.

French said she misses her son, but finds comfort that he no longer hurts.

"He's in a better place, and he won't be in pain," she said.

French said Aaron grew up in Mustang where his mother still resides. He was a part of the "best family Christmases" and traveled to Six Flags amusement park almost every summer.

"He liked anything fun," she said.

French said the last time she saw and spoke with Aaron was at a Father's Day barbecue June 21 in Oklahoma City.

"He promised me he would turn himself in the next day," she said.

The mother said June 22 was Aaron's 27th birthday, and she had a feeling he wouldn't keep that promise.

French said Aaron was a talented artist. He enjoyed creating tattoos.

"He's always had a gift for that," she said.

French said her son also leaves behind his wife, Lyndzi, daughter, Aaryn Madison, 7, and a son, Dayton Michael, 3.

"Aaron was just into fun. He was so much fun growing up," his mother recalled.

Services are tentatively set for Tuesday at the Bridge Assembly of God Church in Mustang.

Meghan McCormick


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