accused murderer William Davis, 52, is escorted to the courthouse Monday morning by Cleveland County deputies, He is on trial for killing his 2 sisters and another woman in September 2007. Opening arguments started today.

A Norman police officer said Stephen Link came running out of his home on Oklahoma Avenue the afternoon of Sept. 4, 2007, yelling to police that his uncle had shot everybody in the house and shot himself.

"He was very urgent and hysterical," Master Police Officer David Watson said of Link. "He said his uncle shot everybody in the house and shot himself," Watson said.

Watson was the first witness Monday morning in the triple murder trial of a Norman man accused of killing three women in 2007. He testified for more than an hour after opening statements from prosecutors and defense attorneys.

William Eugene Davis, 52, of Norman, is on trial for killing his Tami Link, 52, Sheila Ellis, 56, and Link's mother-in-law, Letannah Bishop, 87, at 1517 Oklahoma Ave. on Sept. 4, 2007.

He also was charged with intent to kill for threatening to harm Tami Link's husband, Joseph "Brent" Link.

Watson testified he was the first officer at the scene at the Oklahoma address on Sept. 4, 2007.

Watson said he worked the day shift and was headed home a little after 3 p.m. when a police dispatcher told police they were needed at 1517 Oklahoma Ave. Watson was in his patrol car at the intersection of Boyd Street and Classen Avenue when the call came over the radio.

"They gave out this call as a Signal 32 which stands for officer needed, nature unknown," he said.

Watson who was within blocks of the address, drove up to the area, but parked a distance away to keep his vehicle and himself concealed. Watson explained he followed department policy regarding "nature unknown calls."

"Did you see any other officers?" Assistant District Attorney Christy Miller asked Watson.

"No," I was the first one on the scene," Watson said.

He said nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

"There wasn't anything that alarmed me at first," Watson said.

He said additional officers began to arrive. Watson asked the police dispatcher to call the residence and have someone step outside the home.

Watson said a white pickup pulled up the street and as an officer went to tell the driver to leave, a man burst out of the front door at the Links' home. The man was later identified as Brent and Tami Link's son, Stephen.

The trial adjourned for lunch and Watson was expected to be cross examined this afternoon.

Before testimony began Monday, Cleveland County District Judge Lori Walkley swore in the jury consisting of seven men and five women.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn and Miller are prosecuting Davis and are seeking the death penalty. Oklahoma Indigent Defense System attorneys Craig Corgan and G. Lynn Burch are serving as Davis' defense counsel.

Meghan McCormick


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