Norman Public Schools officials announced Wednesday their plan to fill the gaps punched into the school calendar by a recent blast of winter weather.

"As you are well aware, the recent inclement weather has caused many challenges with our school calendar," said Dr. Joe Siano, superintendent. "The district must make adjustments in the instructional calendar to meet the state requirement. As with other districts, options are very limited in how this can be accomplished."

According to state statutes, Oklahoma public schools must provide 175 instructional days for students. With last November's storm and the most recent ice fall, NPS lost a total of six days. Two of those days already were addressed as Nov. 30 will be made up Feb. 16, and Dec. 1 May 25.

The remaining make-up days are as scheduled: Jan. 16 will be made up on Feb. 19, and the lost days of Jan. 17, 18 and 19 have been added to the calendar on May 29, 30 and 31. While this has extended the school year, high school graduation ceremonies will not change.

Siano said the changes were made with careful consideration and solutions such as extending the school day and using scheduled parent/teacher conference days were not applicable. The State Board of Education will not allow an extended school day and conferences already are counted as part of the 175 instructional days.

"We know this is disruptive," Siano said. "The district will work to accommodate as best as possible parent, student and staff conflicts that may be caused by this calendar adjustment."

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