While restoring a 1924 organ, soon to be placed in a practice room of the University of Oklahoma’s Catlett Music Center, Jeremy Wance, a master’s student in organ technology at OU, saw graffiti that dated from the organ’s original location in Hull, Iowa.

A little research and the culprits were found, Wance said.

The writing was in an area used to “pump” up the organ by hand, a common method before electricity took over the tasks.

This organ and a 1970s model that will also be installed in the Catlett Center will be on display during an open house for the public from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at the OU American Organ Institute Pipe Organ Shop, at 2101 W. Tecumseh Road, Suite C.

During the open house, the public will be able to tour the shop and meet students and faculty. The instruments also will be available for people to view and hear, said John Riester, the shop manager.

The open houses were started two years ago. A strong response from the public has fueled the event into an annual happening, Riester said.

The OU American Organ Institute, started in 2006 according to its website, boasts about 20 students dedicated to organ performance and organ care.

“Really, it fits in with the university which has a lot of unique programs,” Riester said.

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