Threatening fliers posted around the University of Oklahoma campus the first week of March have been identified definitely as a prank.

The case was wrapped up last week after the man responsible for the fliers was contacted by OU police officers, said Lt. Bruce Chan, public information officer for the OU Police Department.

"We determined enough that it was a prank ... there wasn't anything behind it," Chan said.

Chan said the man was not arrested so his identity will not be released, but he was not an OU student.

The flier, titled "The day the university stood still," was posted around campus and given to nearby media outlets. It said that all operations at OU Norman would cease April 21 and the free Happy Nihilist University will begin.

The flier said OUPD, the media and Boren cannot stop "us." It ended with the Friedrich Nietzsche quote "Amor fati," which means love your fate.

-- Julianna Parker

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