Shipley Do-Nuts plans to open up shop in Norman

The Verizon store at 1805 W. Main St. will soon reopen as a Shipley Do-Nuts.

Kyle Phillips The Transcript

The smell of hot glazed doughnuts could fill the winter air on West Main Street, pending architecture details, permitting issuance and city approval.

Shipley Do-Nuts plans to open their first location in Norman, at 1805 W Main St., in what was a Verizon store just last weekend. There are more than 300 Shipley Do-Nuts in nine states. Terry Sutton, president of the Oklahoma Donut Company and owner and area developer for Shipley Do-Nuts, said they want to franchise more and expand in Oklahoma.

"We are really excited about being in Oklahoma and especially in Norman, and we look forward to meeting everyone in the community and them getting to know Shipley Do-Nuts," Sutton said.

The store is slated to open before the end of the year, but Sutton said that depends on weather delays and the planning and permitting process with the city. If everything goes according to plan, he said they are looking at mid-December.

The Verizon store had been at that location since 2016. Bob Christian, city building official, said how quickly the permitting process will go depends on how complete the plans are and how quickly the workmen construct the inside necessities. He estimates a four- to six-week process.

They are drawing up the store right now, Sutton said, but they plan to submit the plans and applications to the city sometime next week.

Shipley Do-Nuts will first submit its plans to the city for a building permit and to the Cleveland County office of the State Health Department for a concurrent review, Christian said. Then once the application is reviewed, approved and the building permit is obtained the contractors have final inspections done and obtain permits for trade contractors such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing.

"We are starting as soon as we possibly can," said Adam Garza, director of marketing for the Houston Restaurant Group. "We are very experienced at building restaurants especially Shipley Do-nuts and we should have it up very quickly and definitely on time."

The shop will be 2,500 square feet, the ideal size of a Shipley Do-Nuts, Sutton said. The location was also a determining factor, he said, because the Main Street location catches people on their way to work, school and activities.

"It feels great. The people who live here are passionate about being here and it seems like a very close knit community that I think is exactly what we are looking for," Sutton said. "It's got all of the things that I would want to put Shipley in and see how the community can rally around it."

Shipley Do-Nuts will be bringing in more than 60 different varieties of doughnuts, kolaches, pastries and coffee to Norman, but their specialty are their glazed doughnuts that are served hot and fresh all day.

"Obviously the main ticket is our high quality doughnuts, kolaches and coffee," Sutton said. "There will be quite a bit of seating in there. We want to cater to the students, and we want to give them places to plug-in or whatever they need to do and sit down and enjoy a doughnut and a cup of coffee."

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