By Tom Blakey

Transcript Staff Writer

More county residents are splitting up than getting hitched, according to statistics released Wednesday by Cleveland County Court Clerk Rhonda Hall.

Residents filed for 1,339 marriage licenses in 2006, while registering 1,534 divorces.

The marriage total increased from 1,303 in 2005; divorces increased from 1,442 in 2005.

The number of protective orders filed in 2006 was 667, down from 708 the previous year.

Civil suits above $10,000 were filed 2,051 times in 2006, down from 2,055 in 2005.

Civil suits less than $10,000 numbered 1,812, down from 1,848 in 2005.

Residents filed 5,804 small claim actions in 2006, up from 4,767 in 2005.

A total of 1,800 felonies were filed in 2006, down from 1,843 in 2005. Misdemeanors numbered 2,878, up from 2,475 in 2005.

Of all categories, Hall said small claims showed the most significant increase, “but small claims increase every year,” she said.

And, although the number of misdemeanors increased by 403 in 2006, the misdemeanor totals “bounce back and forth” year by year, Hall said.

Tom Blakey


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