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The Kiles family is no stranger to Albertsons, but when the seasoned shoppers attempted to go inside the westside location Tuesday, they said they were prohibited from entering.

"We shop there like all the time," said Keith Kiles. "But my wife and a friend of hers were told at the door that they were closed due to the health department and would be re-opened at 6 in the morning."

The store, located at 2600 W. Robinson St., faced "some concerns and issues regarding its health and safety inspection permit," said Danielle Killpack, Albertsons corporate spokeswoman.

"The store did voluntarily close down for a short time to take care of those issues and was reopened for business as usual," Killpack said Wednesday afternoon. "That's really all we're going to comment on the matter."

Store managers also refused numerous times to comment on the matter or give further details related to the store's brief closure.

Cleveland County Health Department officials were unable to respond, but said they would have reports available to the public within 72 hours.

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