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The sky will be filled with F-15 Strike Eagles 1 p.m. today over Tinker Air Force Base as the F-15 Strike Eagles highlight the ninth annual Star Spangled Salute this weekend.

The demonstration team, who will fly the aircraft today, is based at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C. Flying the plane will be Capt. Al Kennedy and weapons officer Capt. Jack Stallworth. The aircraft is one of the operational fighters from the 4th Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Air Force Base.

The pilots and crew make it a point to interact and give back to the community they are performing in.

"When we are flying at an air show, we bring our teams in advance to interact with the community for several reasons: to positively affect recruiting and retention; to keep people informed about military preparedness; to demonstrate the tactical capabilities of the F-15 E Strike Eagle; to promote community relations; and to demonstrate our professional competence enhancing the public's understanding of Air Force capabilities, Maj. Bill Edwards, Air Combat Command demonstration team spokesman said.

The air show portion of the Star Spangled Salute will "recreate sights and sounds of World War II."

The exhibition will also feature a demonstration by Kelly Pietrowicz of Oklahoma City in the Pitts S2B. Pietrowicz is known around the areobatic community as the "flying babe" of Oklahoma.

The Pitts S2B Bi Plane is a muscle machine with 260 horsepower and most maneuvers will start at a speed of 180 mph.

"Don't take your eyes off the performance because it will be breathtaking, as speeds reach 210 mph on down line with various rolls and spinning maneuvers," air show operations coordinator Capt. Craig Anders said.

Walk-through tours of the E-3 aircraft will be available.

The festivities start culminate with a Ty England concert 8-9:30 p.m. A fireworks display will follow the concert.

The Salute is free and open to the public. Access to the base is through the Lancer and Liberator Gates off Douglas Boulevard and the Hruskocy off Interstate 40. Gates open at noon.

For more information about the Star Spangled Salute call 734-1900 or visit

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