A Yukon woman, arrested Aug. 6 by Norman police after she allegedly burgled the Norman home of an ex-boyfriend and set fire to the bed of a woman who'd moved into the house 10 days previously, was sentenced Thursday to two five-year deferred sentences after pleading guilty to burglary and arson charges in Cleveland County District Court.

Kimberly Marie Lynch, 28, was sentenced by Cleveland County District Judge Bill Hetherington.

Lynch originally was charged with first-degree arson and second-degree burglary. Prosecutors amended the first-degree arson charge to third-degree arson.

"She had a lot of mental issues," said Assistant District Attorney Rick Sitzman. "She showed proof she'd taken steps to try and deal with those emotional and mental issues. We ended up placing her on supervised probation for five years. She'll have to continue with drug and alcohol evaluations and any follow-up care the probation officer might recommend and require."

Sitzman said Lynch is a first-time offender, although "it was inherently a very dangerous situation."

According to police, Lynch's ex-boyfriend told police he received a call from his ex-girlfriend around 5:30 p.m. Aug. 6, saying she was on her way to his house and was going to kill herself.

Police said the man next received a text message from the woman, advising him she was inside his house. "Don't worry, you'll find me when you get home," the text message said.

According to Norman Police Officer Richard Sellars, police entered the house by an unlocked back door and smelled something burning. Officers said they saw the woman run out of a bedroom and into a laundry room, refusing to come out. When officers took her into custody, she "smelled of smoke and refused to speak to police," Sellars reported.

Entering the bedroom, Officer Robert Scott "found the top of the bed on fire," Sellars said.

"The subject had removed magazines from the dresser ... and poured liquor from a green liquor bottle on the magazines. The subject used a Bic-type lighter to start the fire," Sellars reported.

The woman had "stabbed the bed with a large knife" and left her cell phone on the bed with the lighter. On the cell phone were "self-photos of the subject on the bed with the knife to her throat," he said.

Officers extinguished the fire and called fire department officials to the scene. Police learned the bed belonged to a woman who had moved into the victim's house 10 days previously, Sellars said.

Lynch was represented by Yukon attorney Mark William Osby.

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