A man in an officer-involved shooting Dec. 14 in the 2400 block of Briggs Street died Dec. 20, police said.

Norman Police Capt. Todd Gibson said doctors determined that the man, identified as Martin Sanchez-Juarez, 34, was brain dead on Dec. 17. Days later, they took him off a ventilator and he was later declared deceased.

An internal investigation at the police department for the officer involved in the shooting, MPO Heather Glazier, is ongoing but should be completed soon, Gibson said.

Officers were responding to a 911 call on Briggs Street around 11:30 a.m. Dec. 14 of a man out of control and "breaking stuff." The man, Sanchez-Juarez, was ultimately shot three times by Glazier.

The family member that called 911 told the communications officer that "Isaac," determined to be an alias of Sanchez-Juarez, had a drug problem and had been acting like that for about a week.

Based on witness interviews, the family member was watching Sanchez-Juarez from a distance as he broke windows and destroyed the exterior of a house with a hammer. Before officers arrived, Sanchez-Juarez spotted the family member, who had a companion with him, and began walking toward them carrying a hammer.

MPO Heather Glazier arrived and spotted Sanchez-Juarez, based on the clothing description provided by the communications officer. Glazier stopped and exited her vehicle.

Sanchez-Juarez stopped following Juan and his companion and turned his attention toward Glazier.

Glazier directed Sanchez-Juarez to drop the hammer; Sanchez-Juarez did not follow Glazier’s directive and continued to advance toward her.

Glazier then retreated to the rear of her car and continued to direct Sanchez-Juarez to stop and drop the hammer. Sanchez-Juarez continued his advance toward Glazier and smashed the passenger-side rear view mirror of her vehicle with the hammer.

Glazier fired her pistol, striking Sanchez-Juarez three times.

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