For over 25 yearsand the Moore Masonic Lodge No. 539 has awarded Students and Teachers of Today to outstanding students and teachers in the school district. Those students and teachers selected to receive these awards for the school year 2005-06 are:

Apple Creek Elementary

Students: McKenzie Lynn Hodge and Cade Austin Cobble.

Teachers: Jerri Walker and Deborah Dudley.

Briarwood Elementary

Students: Mary Ann Grover and Derek Wietelman.

Teacher: Ronnie Eckart.

Broadmoore Elementary

Students: Jamie Dawson and Dillon Griffitts.

Bryant Elementary

Students: Justin Michaelson and Britny Cerda.

Central Elementary

Students: Jessica Smith and Jacob Overling.

Teacher: Kathryn Feist.

Earlywine Elementary

Students: Olivia Kim and Travis Burge.

Teacher: Carrie Sitz

Eastlake Elementary

Students: Kaelyn Gallagher and Tyler Boston.

Fairview Elementary

Students: Clarissa Hart and Ricardo Valdez.

Fisher Elementary

Students: Tiffany V. Nguyen and Arron Kwei

Teacher: Jennifer Privett

Houchin Elementary

Students: Sheena Stoops and Tevis Gosey.

Teacher: Melissa Schurman

Kelly Elementary

Students: Stephanie Baker and Joshua Sanchez.

Teacher: Stacey Gillen.

Kingsgate Elementary

Students: Shannon Fulmer and David Dicharry.

Northmoor Elementary

Students: Ashley Bryen and Nicholaus Soliz

Plaza Towers Elementary

Students: Monica Glover and Jacob Lyles.

Teacher: Lisa Sebrant.

Red Oak Elementary

Students: BriAnn Jimenez and Conner Reynolds.

Santa Fe Elementary

Students: Kaylie Brown and Joshua Vaughn.

Teacher: Sandy Jarman.

Sky Ranch Elementary

Students: Kara Griffin and Dallas Bauder.

Teacher: Tina Losada.

Sooner Elementary

Students: Tiffany Feese and Jerry Miller.

Teacher: Tina Hale.

Southgate Rippetoe Elementary

Students: Alexandra Macias and Austin Tidmore.

Teacher: Jennie Robinson.

Wayland Bonds Elementary

Students: Hunter Gaurnera and Sidney Cook.

Teacher: Pam Bross.

Winding Creek Elementary

Students: Benjamin Browning and Eric Ross.

Teacher: Jana Moore.

Brink Junior High

Seventh grade: Jessie Carrillo and Katie Sears.

Eighth grade: Brady Hollon and Casey Hensley.

Ninth Grade: David Postic and Cate Lynn.

Central Junior High

Seventh grade: Amber Littlejohn and Todd Weld.

Eighth grade: Anica Taylor and Michael Corson.

Ninth grade: Cyndi Trang and Scott Lambert.

Teacher: Becky Benton

Highland East Junior High

Seventh grade: Wesley Chancellor and Megan Perdue.

Eighth grade: Nicholas Johnson and Sydney Garcia.

Ninth grade: tie Nathan Hasbrook, Scott Hasbrook and Danetta Butler.

Teacher: Heather Armstrong.

Highland West Junior High

Seventh grade: Ashley Sparkes and Peter George.

Eighth grade: Lauren Reynolds and Richard Ard.

Ninth grade: Eniola Suleiman and Eric Lyle.

Teacher: Katheryn Shannon.

Moore West Junior High

Seventh grade: Tyler Ashley and Shelby McLaughlin.

Eighth grade: Clay Milford and Sydney Hollinger.

Ninth grade: Andy Pham and Emily Walker.

Teacher: Anna Thompson.

Moore High School

10th grade: Monica Quivey and Ethan Cox.

11th grade: Lauren Chappell and Dominic Rodriquez.

12th grade: Corey Darnell and Chad Anglin.

Teacher: Beverly Kerr-Mattox,

Westmoore High School

10th grade: Lindsey Hall and Stuart Downey,

11th grade: Brianna Fleming and Ryan Fightmaster.

12th Grade: Christina Peters and Jordon Johnson.

Teacher: Brett Young.

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