COVID-19 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

A second Norman resident has died in relation to COVID-19, Norman Mayor Breea Clark announced Wednesday night. 

In a video update, Clark said that while she had planned to share a different message via video Wednesday evening, she had just been informed that Norman had experienced its second COVID-19 death.

"The information I was going to give you is already outdated," Clark said in the video. "I want that to sink in for people right now — I know everyone's saying 'this is important, this is a big deal, people are getting hurt,' but it doesn't really hit you until it's where you live and it's people you care about, and an hour after recording an update video, it was outdated because we lost another member of our community." 

Clark asked Norman residents to "please, please listen to the experts" and stay home to prevent further spread of the virus.

As of Wednesday morning, Cleveland County had 27 positive COVID-19 cases, up from 22 cases Tuesday. Alongside Wednesday's death — the details of which Clark did not go into — a Norman woman in her 60s died in relation to the virus late Monday. 

According to the state, there were 164 confirmed COVID 19 cases across 27 Oklahoma counties of Wednesday morning. The state's hospitalization numbers more than doubled between Tuesday — when 25 people were hospitalized — and Wednesday, when 59 Oklahomans were hospitalized. 

Clark issued new city guidelines Monday that will close all non-essential Norman businesses for in-person operations for 21 days, and that asks residents to stay at home unless they must complete an essential activity. The mayor has also issued guidelines limiting organized community gatherings in Norman to no more than 10 people.

"Please, please — this is about to blow up. We knew it was coming and we tried to take action," Clark said Wednesday night. 

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