MNTC CDL facility

Members of the Moore Norman Technology Center board cut a ribbon Friday during a ceremony for a new CDL training facility.

Moore Norman Technology Center looks to further supplement workforce needs and better prepare students for the professional world with their practice pad for commercial driver’s license training.

This new CDL Pad is a space for students to practice their driving skills, allowing for complete turn arounds without impeding traffic. MNTC officials say they are meeting supply chain and employment needs through their training program in Norman, at 600 Research Park Blvd.

Scott Martin, president and CEO of the Norman Chamber of Commerce, said MNTC is well aligned with filling the job needs of Norman. He said the CDL pad is another example of their commitment to growing the workforce.

Commercial driving and CDL training instruction at MNTC includes CDL permit test prep, driver improvement training, school bus driver training and a state-of-the-art driving simulator. The pad space will add an extra dimension to the programming.

MNTC board member Glen Cosper said with the increase of news stories about needs for bus drivers, truck drivers and heavy equipment drivers, the board saw a need and wanted to address it.

Cleveland County Commissioner Darry Stacy said the CDL pad is an example of the relationships within the county. Stacy said he met with MNTC leaders and expressed the need for CDL drivers.

When he asked what the county can do to partner with them, the center’s board was already developing programming for CDL drivers.

Getting the all-in-one center where people can get trained, certified and out on the roads required legislation from Representative Dick Lowe, R-Amber, Stacy said.

Lowe authored House Bill 2465, which allows locations like MNTC to be proctors for the written examination for applicants seeking Class A, B, C or D licenses.

“[Lowe] was quick to step up and say, ‘I know the value of CareerTech, and I’m happy to sponsor and author this language,’ which he did, and Senator [Darrell] Weaver,” Stacy said.

Stacy said the CDL pad will be the impetus for motorcycle safety training.

“I’m a big believer in figuring out how we can get the most use out of the resources we put out there,” Stacy said. “We have other projects soon to come we are working on, and can’t wait to unveil them, but this is a great one.”

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