Second Chamce Adoption event

Norman residents looking to add a pet to their family can come to the Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Saturday. (Kyle Phillips / Transcript)

Norman residents looking to add a pet to their family can visit the Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Saturday.

Second Chance Animal Sanctuary of Norman, a nonprofit animal shelter, will have pets available for adoption from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m Saturday at the CCHFH ReStore located at 1100 W. Main St.

Rose Grimm, shelter manager for Second Chance Animal Sanctuary, is excited about the event and optimistic that many animals will be adopted.

“We are hoping to be able to help the community learn more about us and see our smiling faces and our barking dogs, and I am hoping it will be a great success,” Grimm said. “CCHFH set this all up. They have done most of the footwork, and I think it will go well.”

Second Chance Animal Sanctuary rescues cats and dogs that are on euthanasia lists from animal shelters across Oklahoma. Grimm said Second Chance provides animals a second chance at life and finding a forever home.

Grimm said his staff works to provide a level of care that they would give to their own animals.

“The animals get really high care from the facility, and our staff love them,” Grimm said. “When they go out for adoption, they go out fully vaccinated, de-wormed, and we have a vet on staff that oversees all treatments.”

Every animal at the facility is spayed or neutered and receives behavioral assessments to determine if training or therapy is needed. The staff also takes the dogs on walks, monitors behavior of cats and dogs around other animals and kids, and works to implement regulated eating habits.

Grimm said they work with various groups in the community, and they recently worked with a juvenile program that places pets with individuals that have previously been incarcerated for rehabilitation purposes.

“We are testing every pet so that when we find the perfect home for them, they stay in that home so that the adopter and the animals are in a great forever situation,” Grim said.

When someone adopts a cat or dog from them, Grimm said they are saving more than just the life of the pet they take home.

“They are saving the life of the shelter animal, and then they are helping us help facilities like Pauls Valley, Norman and places like that by clearing a kennel space and making room for another animal,” Grimm said.

Attendees at Saturday’s event can grab lunch from Piggish for Plants, a vegan catering service started by Kristina and Kevin Krcil. And 10% of their sales Saturday will go to benefiting Second Chance of Norman.

For this event, which is the first for Piggish for Plants outside of the home, Kristina and Kevin have quesadillas, chili and sourdough waffle tacos on the menu.

“Greta, who works with [Habitat For Humanity], knew us because we hosted OU Veg Club events like their holiday dinner and our son is in the club,” Kristina said. “We knew they didn’t have access to vegan holiday fare, so we hosted the event, and that's how we got the invite to be at the [pet adoption event] this weekend.”

Right now, Piggish for Plants is just Kevin and Kristina cooking from home. However, they are looking at potentially expanding beyond a supplemental food business. This is the fourth weekend of their service, which for right now entails cooking a few days a week and then delivering the food on the weekend to their neighbors.

“As plant-based eaters, there’s not a lot of options out there, so we knew there was a need for this and decided, ‘Let’s look into doing this and see if it takes off,’” Kristina said.

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