Summer Sidewalk Sale

Shoppers look around Cayman’s during the fourth annual Norman Summer Sidewalk Sale. Cayman’s staff will return to the store after Christmas to begin preparations for their seasonal clearance sale.

As the 2021 holiday season wraps up, Norman business owners plan to spend the coming weeks looking for spring’s hottest trends, handling exchanges and doing a bit of early seasonal cleaning.

International Pantry

Jocelyn Wall, owner of International Pantry, said the first thing on her post-holiday to-do list is to mark down the price of Christmas merchandise.

“Fortunately, we usually don’t have too much of that left over,” Wall said. “It’s a time where I can start our spring cleaning, if you will, and analyze what has sold really well and what we should focus on for the next year.”

The weeks post-Christmas are also a time for a little market research, Wall said.

Some of the hottest items at International Pantry as well as nationwide this winter are the hot cocoa bombs — orbs of tempered chocolate filled with drink mix and mini marshmallows and decorated with sugars.

“That has been the hot trend for the fourth quarter of this year,” Wall said.

The cocoa bomb and many cookware trends start on social media, where a significant amount of product research happens, Wall said.

Two questions Wall looks to answer to determine what is going to trend in her search for new products are, “What is popular on Instagram?” and “What are the TV chefs using?”

“For us, the housewares market starts on January 5, so we’ll start restocking and ordering at that point, but we all know how slow everything is coming in,” Wall said. “We just kind of start planning what we want to restock and do some rearranging.”

Mitchell’s Jewelry

The week following Christmas generally involves working through exchanges and restylings with customers at Mitchell’s Jewelry.

Gina Mitchell, co-owner of Mitchell’s Jewelry, said a portion of holiday shopping continues even after the season is over. Exchanges are fairly commonplace in the weeks following Christmas, she said.

“Maybe someone wanted yellow gold instead of white gold, or they need a different ring size or a necklace needs to be longer,” Mitchell said. “We do a lot of that custom work going into the first weeks of January, and that’s a lot of fun.”

Mitchell said the first weeks of the year is a popular time for people to assess their homeowners insurance, which can oftentimes involve assets like jewelry.

“Maybe their jewelry is not on that policy, so they will bring it in to get it appraised,” Mitchell said.

The holiday season is a popular time for proposals, which means increased wedding band sales in the weeks following Christmas, Mitchell said.

“We see a whole lot of that in January,” Mitchell said.

Cayman’s Clothiers

Shelley Cox, co-owner of Cayman’s Clothiers, said when the store opens the Monday following Christmas, the staff will handle customer exchanges and begin planning for their winter clearance.

“We will have that sale coming up in January,” Cox said.

Cox said being a clothing retailer requires staying ahead of the latest styles and stock the store with seasonal items weeks ahead of time.

“We will gear up for the next season — it’s just a continuation once everything gets going,” Cox said.

Jeff Elkins covers business, living and community stories for The Transcript. Reach him at or at @JeffElkins12 on Twitter.

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