Casting a vote

Norman resident Sylvie Sheshtawy casts a ballot on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015 during the city’s special election on the Norman Forward poproposition.

48 of 49 precincts reporting

Norman Forward has passed with all but one precinct reporting, with 72.1 percent, or 9,087 votes, for and 27.9 percent, or 3,523 votes, against.

Additionally, both parts of the $209 million Moore school bond which will allow storm shelters to be built on all campuses passed by 75.5 percent and 73.4 percent, respectively

31 of 49 precincts in

With 31 of 49 precincts reporting, 70.7 percent, or 4,600 votes have been cast for Norman Forward. 29.3 percent, or 1,907 voters casted a "No" ballot.

Early Voting Results

Early results look good for the passage of the Norman Forward quality-of-life initiative with 71 percent or 343 votes. Voting against the proposition were 139 or almost 29 percent of early voters. Election officials said the early voting turnout was about double the normal rate in municipal elections.

Norman voters are deciding whether the city should adopt one-half percent temporary sales tax increase over the next 15 years to fund the Norman Forward package. If approved, decades-old facilities could be updated, a new indoor aquatic facility built and numerous parks and recreation upgrades funded, to name a few highlights of the roughly $150 million package.

In Moore, voters are deciding a $209 million bond issue for school improvements, including storm shelters. Two propositions are on the Moore ballot. Proposition No. 1 is $204 million for school improvements. Proposition No. 2 is $5 million for transportation equipment.

Early returns in Moore show the two measures ahead 60 percent to 40 percent, making it a tight squeeze to pass by the margin required for a general obligation bond.

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