Federal prosecutors have accused a Norman man of making threats against public officials — including Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla. and former President George W. Bush — on the right wing social media site Parler and on Facebook, a criminal complaint from the Western District of Oklahoma reads.

As first reported by Dillon Richards of KOCO, an FBI special agent has accused Michael Brandon Houck of Norman of making threats against current and former federal officials and lawmakers.

Houck’s posts both leading up to the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol building on Jan. 6 and after the attack made baseless claims of voter fraud and called for acts of violence against those who he felt perpetuated it, the affidavit reads.

“James Lankford from Oklahoma is a sorry motherf----- and will pay for his treasonous lack of action,” Houck posted on Parler the day after the insurrection. “Better keep your family close James.”

Houck also made direct threats to former President George W. Bush.

“[Bush] is a deadman,” Houck said in a post on Parler. “We will find you georgie(sic) boy.”

He went after former President Donald Trump loyalists such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, three days before the insurrection at the Capitol. He also attacked and threatened Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Parler, the affidavit said.

“Hey justice(sic) Roberts, we are coming for you and your … kids!,” Houck said in a Parler post. “...They will get to watch you hang;(sic)”

The Norman resident also threatened the life of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the affidavit shows.

“F--- you Schumer we are going to come find you and have a little fun with you but make no mistake about it you’re the devil and we are going to kill you(sic),” Houck said on Parler.

On Jan. 11 the FBI showed up at Houck’s residence with a search warrant. After announcing themselves multiple times Houck eventually walked out the front door smoking a cigarette and asked the agents if this was about "the posts," the affidavit said.

Inside his residence, agents found 24 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition of various calibers, $4,800 in cash and multiple personal electronic devices, the affidavit said.

According to the affidavit, two of Houck’s friends told agents that Houck bragged about being banned from both Facebook and Parler for his posts. Parler was recently taken offline due to the company being an echo chamber for hate speech and not doing enough to stop the spread of it.

U.S Magistrate Judge Amanda Maxfield Green has ordered Houck to be detained pending a hearing in OKC on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

Read the full affidavit here.

Reese Gorman covers COVID-19, local politics and elections for The Transcript; reach him at rgorman@normantranscript.com or @reeseg_3.

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